Ramadan 2017 In the Rear View Mirror

​​Date:        July 5, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Shahram Hadian
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​Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Shahram is responsible for the Truth in Love Project (TIL Project) which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America. He has served as a pastor, a police officer, and a former candidate for governor in Washington State.

One month ago, Shahram was on Crosstalk discussing Ramadan, informing listeners as to what it’s all about. Now that it’s over, what can we deduce from Ramadan 2017?

According to Shahram, Ramadan is connected to one of the 5 pillars of Islam with the aspect of fasting for Muslims. The genesis of this holiday is the Qur’an. Ramadan celebrates the revelation. It’s the month that the Qur’an was recited to Mohammed. This means it’s the month when another revelation was given. That’s important for Muslims because they believe the Qur’an to be the final revelation and it’s to be propagated as such. This means for them it abrogates Judaism and Christianity which came before it.

Ramadan is also tied historically to many of the major battles of Muslim conquest fought by Mohammed and his followers. Since it’s considered a holy month by Muslims, if they commit an act of jihad or martyrdom during Ramadan, they believe it will obtain an extra measure of favor with Allah, helping them to secure entrance into heaven. The reason for this belief is because Islam operates on a scale of works. They don’t believe in salvation by grace through faith.

What does this mean for Muslims today? They appear to continue to follow this pattern as Shahram noted how there’s been a ‘massive uptick’ of violence and killings. He presented statistics from thereligionofpeace.com  According to their June 2017 report, they noted 157 attacks, 1,144 people killed, 1,340 injured, and 34 suicide blasts in over 29 countries. So according to their tracking data, this makes Ramadan 2017 one of the most, if not the most deadly Ramadan months since they’ve been tracking it.

What Shahram takes away from this is that the more we see Islam advancing and gaining strength, the more you’re going to see these kinds of attacks. This is because Muslims are moving from defensive jihad to offensive jihad.

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