True vs. False: Eternity at Stake

​Date:        July 6, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      John Fallahee​
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​John Fallahee is an evangelist and conference speaker with Proclaiming the Gospel. He’s previously worked with Precept Ministries and led Precept classes. He’s also served with Logos Bible Software and AMG Publishers. John received his M.Div at The Master’s Seminary and currently is working on his doctorate in preaching and apologetics.

From his baptism, to Sunday school, to first communion, confession, and confirmation, John grew up as a Roman Catholic. Doing these things meant that he would be acceptable to God, therefore when he died, he’d be in heaven. In other words, he was trusting in the rituals of the Catholic church to be saved.

The truth was that after all that, John was still an unchanged sinner. As soon as he received his driver’s license, he obtained freedom and began doing his own thing. Church became less and less important and eventually he became involved in drugs and alcohol, dropped out of college, and ended up in rehab. This shows that religion didn’t change who he was on the inside.

He remained sober for 5 years and continued to attend the Catholic church but always had a fear of relapse. That did occur and he nearly died. However, God allowed John to come to the end of himself, his self righteousness, and pride. Now under desperation via the pain of his alcoholism, a friend shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. John was told to read the Bible, beginning with the book of Matthew. He was instructed to read it as if it’s true and to pray that God would open his eyes to know who Jesus was.

As he eventually discovered, there’s no Pope in the Bible, the Eucharist is not the same in the Bible, and the people who were baptized in the Bible were those who believed and were professing that belief. These conflicts led him to realize that the only thing he could trust is what he did know. That’s the idea that the Bible is the Word of God and from that point on, it would be his filter for everything.

Where did John’s journey go from there? Review this edition of Crosstalk and you’ll not only get the answer, but you’ll learn where the Catholic faith differs with the Bible, and you’ll also hear some interesting testimonies and questions from Crosstalk listeners.

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