News Roundup 7-7-17

Date:        July 7, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​As Jim wrapped up another week of Crosstalk broadcasts, he brought attention to numerous news stories making headlines. Some of the stories mentioned included:

–British and European courts seem to believe that death is the future for 11
month old Charlie Gard, in spite of the fact that his parents have obtained the
private funds to have their son cared for in the U.S. for experimental
–President Trump tweeted his willingness to lend a hand in the Charlie Gard case.
–President Trump was to grill British Prime Minister Theresa May in a private
meeting today over her refusal to help Charlie Gard.
–Charlie Gard’s mother says the hospital is keeping them in the dark, not even
inviting them to important meetings about Charlie’s care.
–The court refused to give Charlie’s parents the opportunity to let their son die
at home.
–An American, whose daughter had the same condition as Charlie, lived to be 15
years of age.
–As of broadcast time there was breaking news stating that Great Ormond
Street Hospital is applying to the high court for a new hearing. They’ve been
told of new evidence concerning Charlie’s treatment in the last 24 hours.
Charlie’s mother says there are 5 new doctors who believe a new drug could help
him. A new hearing could take place as early as 2pm on Monday.
–President Trump presses Vladimir Putin on U.S. election meddling while making
headway on the Syrian crisis during their first formal meeting.
–President Trump called it an honor to meet President Putin at the G-20
–President Trump spoke proudly of the Western world.
–Thousands of anti-globalist protestors set cars on fire and tried to block
leader’s delegations from entering the grounds during the G-20 summit.
–Bronx police officer assassinated while sitting in her police vehicle. Rather
than supporting his police department, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio seemed more
interested in jetting off to Germany to join the G-20 conference protestors.
–President Trump pledged to defend Poland’s independence and Europe’s identity
and gave affirmation of U.S. ties to the young democracies in Eastern Europe and
aimed to restore relationships damaged by President Barack Obama.
–North Korea tests intercontinental ballistic missile.
–U.S. officials closely watched North Korea prepare for this latest missile
–President Trump and members of his cabinet have not abandoned diplomacy in order
to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.
–President Trump gives speech at Kennedy Center saying that we love our country,
we love our families, our freedom and we love our God.
–Last Friday, a Kentucky bill signed by Governor Matt Bevin, allows public
schools to offer elective classes that teach the Bible.
–Linda Sarsour, a Hamas tied, prominent women’s march leader, called for Muslims
to wage war against President Trump. She communicated that the goal is for
Muslims not to assimilate in America.
–Christian servicemen and women could be forced to endorse the LGBT
agenda this month as part of an initiative by the British Army.

More Information:

To intercede on behalf of Charlie Gard, you can call the British Embassy in Washington D.C. at 202-588-6500 or the Department of State at 202-647-2441.

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