Roger Sherman’s Impact on Our Nation and Our Currency

​​​​​​​Date:         July 24, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:       William Federer
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​William Federer is a nationally known speaker, author and president of Amerisearch, Inc. a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage. He has authored numerous books including, ‘American’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations’, ‘The Original 13: History of Religion in America’s First Thirteen States’, ‘Who is the King in America?’ and ‘For God and Country: A Handbook for the Statesman-Citizen’.

Roger Sherman was 19 years old when his father died. He supported his family by working as a shoe cobbler. He helped his two younger brothers attend college and become Congregationalist clergymen. He then became a surveyor and a merchant but when a neighbor needed legal advice, he studied to help, only to become inspired to be a lawyer.

Sherman was elected as a Connecticut state senator and judge and was eventually a delegate to the Continental Congress. He signed the Articles of Association in 1774, was on the committee that drafted as well as signed the Declaration of Independence and helped draft and signed the Articles of Confederation in 1777 up until 1787 when he signed the U.S. Constitution.

He’s also noted for drafting the New Jersey Plan and the Connecticut Compromise.

Other things mentioned/discussed on this program include: Sherman’s thoughts on a fluctuating medium of exchange, The Coinage Act, Greenbacks, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s collection of everyone’s gold, Nixon’s suspension of gold-backed currency, how ‘In God We Trust’ became printed on our money, why all of this is important, and much more.

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