News Roundup 9-1-17

​​​​​Date:        September 1, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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Once again, the ‘Round-Up’ featured numerous stories. Here’s just a sample:

–Hurricane Harvey breaks a record as it was 4,323 days since a major hurricane
had hit America. Also, never before had we seen a storm dump more than 50
inches of rain on a single location in the continental U.S.
–After activating 14,000 members of the Texas National Guard, Governor Abbott
announced he was seeking an additional 10,000 Guard members from other states to
come and join in the effort.
–President Trump visited Texas on Tuesday to assess the damage and show concern
for the victims.
–Texans gave President Trump an enthusiastic welcome.
–President Trump comes under criticism for the visit to Texas with some saying he
was too early, that he would hinder relief efforts, but had he gone later, he
would have been criticized for going too late.
–The Trump administration could probably take it as a clear sign of success
that the largest media criticism of the federal response to Harvey is focused on
the shoes the first lady wore to the helicopter.
–America responded with heroism and heart which included civilians who responded
to calls from local officials to pilot kayaks, rafts, canoes or anything else
that could pluck stranded individuals to safety before sundown last Sunday.
–Flat bottom boats were part of the rescue efforts after the weekend flooding.
Efforts also included the use of military surplus helicopters and high-axle
–Israel sends team to Texas to provide hurricane relief.
–Alligators, toxic waters, mold and the risk of electrocution are just a few of
the dangers that greeted Houston residents returning to their homes.
–The total amount of economic damage caused Harvey is listed at about 190 billion
–A volunteer organization formed after hurricane Katrina, attempted to rescue a
group of people in Houston who they thought were victims, but they were actually
looters who then attempted to steal their boats.
–Thousands still remain in shelters across the hurricane affected region, as they
await news of when they can return to their homes and neighborhoods.
–A number of scams have been birthed since the hurricane began. One includes
robocalls falsely warning people that their flood insurance premiums are
overdue. Others include charity scams, e-mail phishing scams and even crowd-
funding scams.
–Leftist icon Linda Sarsour solicited donations for a hurricane Harvey relief
fund that’s actually a leftist organizing group.
–A University of Tampa professor of sociology was relieved of his duties after he
tweeted that the Texans deserved hurricane Harvey because they supported
President Trump in the last election.
–In spite of the fact that it’s been 12 years since a major hurricane has made
landfall in the U.S., some are blaming climate change for hurricane
–A midwife rides an inflatable swan through flood waters to help deliver a baby
in Katy, Texas.
–A mother died while trying to save her 3 year old daughter from the flood
waters. The girl survived by clinging to her mother’s body.
–Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares Sunday a day of prayer for Texas. Since
issuing that proclamation, much mockery has come forth via political cartoons
and atheist groups.

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