Friday News Round-up & Comment

Date:      September 29, 2017
Host:      Jim Schneider
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​This week’s program featured information concerning the following headlines:

–Yesterday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill to keep abortion on-
demand up to birth legal, establishing the state as a safe haven for women
seeking abortion.
–This Sunday is national Life Chain Sunday (
–House leadership announced this week that the Pain Capable Unborn Child
Protection Act (HR-36) will be voted on next Tuesday, October 3.
–North Korea said nearly 5 million citizens have offered to join or re-enlist in
their army following President Trump’s threats to totally destroy the nation.
–North Korea has moved jet fighters to the coast to intercept U.S. bombers.
–With North Korea’s successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile n
July, calls to fortify Hawaii’s missile defense have grown more urgent.
–California is also preparing for a North Korea nuclear attack.
–Russia is developing weapons which use a powerful UHF impulse capable of
destroying all electronic equipment miles away and even changing the course of a
–The longest time on record that the NFL has gone without one of its players
being arrested is 65 days. With that kind of record, one writer wonders if NFL
players are the best ones to be preaching to the rest of us about the perils of
police brutality.
–The city of Pensacola told a federal appeals court that a historic cross that
has stood in one of their parks since WWII should not be torn down.
–President Trump to visit Puerto Rico next week to survey hurricane damage.
–President Trump has waived the Jones Act which lifts shipping restrictions to
bolster relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
–Homeland Security began construction of prototypes for the border wall.
–President Trump delayed the departure of Air Force One from Indianapolis in
order to speak to a police officer who was injured while escorting the
presidential visit.
–The Trump administration’s proposed ceiling of 45,000 refugees to be resettled
in the U.S. in the new fiscal year is the lowest cap since the Refugee Act was
passed in 1990.
–President Trump signed a proclamation limiting the immigrant and non-immigrant
entry into the U.S. from 8 nations.
–The co-founder of the Satanic Temple believes bakers should have to bake pro-
satanic cakes if asked because he believes that a business cannot refuse service
to someone based upon their religion.
–The Palestinian Authority was officially accepted by INTERPOL which means they
will now be able to receive sensitive information related to the war on terror
and be able to issue arrest warrants against Israeli defense force officers.
That could lead to their arrest abroad and extradition to the Palestinian
–The shooting at a Church in Tennessee was allegedly committed by a man from

This broadcast also included a portion of audio from two speeches. The first was from House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Scalise detailed the events from June of this year when at a practice for the congressional baseball team in Virginia, he was shot and for a time was in critical condition.

The second was a portion of Roy Moore’s victory speech. Moore defeated Luther Strange in Alabama for the Senate Republican primary runoff election earlier this week.

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