The Debate Over Gun Control

​Date:      October 5, 2017
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:     Jordan Stein​
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​​This week’s tragedy in Las Vegas has once again brought up the subject of gun control. Many are now asking “What legislation could have been passed to stop this?” Yet, the bigger question remains “Is gun control the real answer?

Jim’s guest today is Jordan Stein with Gun Owners of America, a grassroots organization representing gun owners and activists.  He also assists GOA’s advocacy on Capitol Hill.
Jim began by asking Stein “Are guns to blame for this atrocity? Very quickly Stein answered “No.” He said that “just like cars are not responsible for (traffic) accidents, guns should not be blamed for killing another person.” While owning a gun is a legal right in this country, Stein points out that just having a gun does not “guarantee” ones safety. Stein makes a reference that in 2013, the Obama Center for Disease Control reported that guns were used more often to save lives than to take lives. Stein also says that understandably emotions are very high right now, but Americans need “stand firm on our founding principles.” To take action against gun ownership only insures that the “bad guys” will have the upper hand. Stein says “no law could have stopped this guy (Vegas shooter).” “This shooter past three background checks. Criminals don’t care about the law.” Stein mentions how in Chicago, Illinois (where gun laws are many) gun deaths remain the highest in the nation.

Much more is discussed in today’s Crosstalk including gun bump stocks (used in the Vegas killings). While these are approved by the government, there is a push to legislate. Even the NRA has called for a federal review, suggesting new rules but, Stein says “no rules, regs or bans on bump stocks.” 

Also discussed is the Hillary Clinton tweet (shortly after the Vegas shooting) regarding gun silencers (suppressors).  Stein says such tools are really “overblown and misrepresented in movies.” Jim shares a small soundbite of a gun with a silencer and one without – the audio confirms that there is really not much difference. Stein also comments about the flood of Hollywood stars (and others) blaming law makers for not getting rid of guns. He calls this “ironic” as so many of them profit greatly from motion pictures which portray gun violence.
 Finally, Jim takes calls, comments and questions regarding a Hearing Protection Act, Australia’s gun “buy back” program (which Stein calls “confiscation”) and other state constitutional gun carry laws.
Jordon Stein is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America.

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