Religious Discrimination Takes Center Stage

​Date:      November 1, 2017
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:    Peter LaBarbera and Rob Pue
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​You’ve heard the stories about Christian bakers, florists and/or photographers here in America who have faced legal trouble or even more disheartening, have had to close their businesses because it was against their conscience to provide their services to those touting the LGBTQ lifestyle. Today, Jim discusses how Christians themselves are now being discriminated against, right here under our noses. 

In October of this year, Rob Pue of the Wisconsin Christian News (Marshfield, Wi), sent in a printing order to the local Office Max/Office Depot for two different posters promoting upcoming ministry events in his town. Upon ordering, Pue was given confirmation of his order and was told they would soon fill it. Soon after, Pue received another response actually denying him service. The reason? The response from the store manager alleged that the subject matter of one of Pue’s events was against their “prohibiting guidelines” thereby, denying him service. While Office Max was fine to print a Veteran’s Day poster, they refused to print a poster which featured a coming meeting with Peter LaBarbera called “The Homosexual Agenda Exposed.” Pue requested a copy of the Office Max “guidelines” but, to no avail. After some research on his own, Pue was able to read a policy but, argues that his poster information did not fall under any of their defined guidelines – which includes “hate speech.”  It is reported that in 2015, Office Max also denied printing services for a “pro life” poster but, did later apologize. Pue did seek (and find) printing services elsewhere but, is exploring litigation for the “singling out” he has experienced.

Joining both Jim and Rob Pue today is Peter LaBarbera. Peter wastes no time in saying that there is a “homosexual agenda against Christianity.” He references Americans who have “lost their businesses” due to the current climate. He goes on to say that there are those “trying to silent (all) dissent” and that the media is protecting these many groups who are actually advocating against Christianity. While many say it’s really no big deal, LaBarbera says “our liberty is in jeopardy” and Mr. Pue (like so many others now in America) is a “victim of discrimination.” The point is made that Christians are the ones now in fact losing. Losing business, losing investments, losing a way of life. When asked “What can Christians do? What should they say?” LaBarbera offers that we should tell these businesses to “stop discriminating against people of faith!” He also encourages Christians to be clear in their positions that (as Christians) we actually celebrate those who have come out from the homosexual lifestyle – that there is “no hate here.” 

​Ready to act? Be kind. Be polite, but be bold. Call Office Max/Office Depot and speak out against Christian discrimination. In Marshfield, Wi #1.715.389.8820 or #1.800.463.3768 (1.800.GODEPOT)

Rob Pue – Editor and Publisher of Wisconsin Christian News & Peter LaBarbera – Founder & President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

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