The Antifa Agenda

​​​Date:      November 8, 2017
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:     William Jasper
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​​William F. Jasper is the senior editor of the New American. They focus on limited government, constitutional guarantees of freedom and personal responsibility. He has researched and written extensively on foreign and domestic politics, terrorism, national security, education, immigration, constitutional issues, the culture war and the United Nations. He’s the author of ‘The United Nations Exposed’ and ‘Global Tyranny-Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order’.

Who or what is Antifa? According to William their name stands for ‘anti-fascist’ or ‘anti-fascism’. We don’t know a lot about them because of their secrecy. They are typified by their black clothing and masks. This is to conceal their identity which they claim is to protect themselves against attacks by racist fascists. They’re actually the ones doing the attacking as has been shown from New York to Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley.

Antifa is claiming it’s declaring war and attempting to make America ungovernable. They are proud anarchists. An important point in all of this is that what we’ve seen in history is that most of the anarchists engaged in these activities call themselves communist anarchists or anarcho-communists. In other words, they’re mostly associated with various communist parties that are trying to create anarchy in non-communist nations so that they can use it as a transition.

There are groups within this realm that call themselves ‘red guards’. They are alluding to the red guards of communist China. Mao Tse-Tung unleashed his infamous red guards on the people of China during the so-called ‘cultural revolution’ (1966-1976). In their case they didn’t have to wear masks because Mao and his party were in charge. The result was that many who weren’t following the communist party line were sent to re-education camps and prisons while others were publicly humiliated, tortured or killed. Antifa hopes to create that cultural equivalent here.

For two generations millions of young people have been indoctrinated by radical professors in regard to ‘trigger’ issues such as racism, fascism, xenophobia, LGBT rights, etc. and getting them to demonstrate. This has extended to the subject of President Trump as well. With the help of the establishment media to constantly use those left-wing themes, they’ve been able to accuse Trump, those who support him and those who are Republican of being xenophobic, misogynist, etc.

All of these individuals who are accused are grouped together as ‘fascist’. Hillary Clinton called such people a ‘basket of deplorables.’ That’s the message that’s been promoted by the media establishment and their left-wing barrage for a long time.

Jim noted that the media tries to paint Antifa in a good light claiming that they are actually anti-racist and anti-Nazi. William responded by saying that the Antifa protests are not really protests because they begin with a ‘wedge issue’ that they hope they can amp up into something more riotous. What the media never points out is that at many of these events, they will show video or photos of a crowd of people demonstrating, chanting, yelling or screaming. Look at the signs they carry. They might say, ‘Refuse Fascism’ and variations on that theme. They’re all pre-printed and you can see on the bottom of them it says, ‘’ or ‘’. Both of those organizations are the Revolutionary/Communist Party. This is a hard-core, Marxist, Leninist, Maoist organization. So what these people are doing is using their supposed concern for racism, xenophobia or oppression to whip people up so that they support their agenda.

What became of the revolution they planned for this past November 4th? Are the American people wise to Antifa and rejecting their message? Is Antifa alone or do groups with similar beliefs exist? Get the answers by reviewing this vital Crosstalk broadcast.

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