News Roundup 11-17-17

​Date:      November 17, 2017
Host:       Jim Schneider
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​​Below is a portion of the stories covered by Jim on this edition of the ‘Round Up’.

–Some Republicans fear that Alabama’s Roy Moore will tarnish the GOP brand.
–Gloria Allred, the lawyer for Beverly Young Nelson, one of the women who’s
accused Judge Roy Moore of attempted rape in 1977, refuses to let her client’s
high school yearbook be examined by a handwriting analyst.
–Gloria Allred has not asked Nelson if she saw Moore sign her yearbook.
–Judge Moore plans to sue the Washington Post for its series of ‘hit pieces’
against him, his wife, foundation and his campaign.
–The Alabama GOP announced that it is sticking with Roy Moore in the special
election to fill the old seat of Jeff Sessions.
–President Trump believes Alabama voters should determine for themselves whether
the allegations against Roy Moore are true or not and whether to elect him.
–Democrat Minnesota Senator Al Franken has also been accused of improper
–The Senate Finance Committee voted yesterday in favor of the House GOP tax bill.
–The tax reform bill allows expecting parents to contribute to their unborn
baby’s 529 college savings account.
–The Family Research Council praises the tax reform bill. The NFL comes out
against it.
–When a Black Lives Matter affiliated Twitter account wanted to find out how
many Twitter users dislike President Trump, they learned that the president’s
popularity remains strong.
–President Trump said that on his Asia tour he secured trade deals that would be
worth over 1 trillion dollars to the U.S.
–Vice President Mike Pence worked quickly to fulfill an October pledge to bypass
the U.N. and more effectively direct U.S. aid to help religious minorities in
Iraq who are victims of genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State.
–The House Foreign Affairs Committee has unanimously approved an act that would
cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority until they stop compensating terrorists
and their families.
–There’s been a crackdown on the MS-13 gang.
–Key Republicans and Democrats announced a significant gun bill.
–The Parental Rights Amendment has been introduced in the U.S. House.
–Vice President Mike Pence and his wife joined volunteer groups on Veterans Day
to help wash the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.
–A secretive 3 day conference features big money liberal donors plotting the
next steps of the resistance.
–An 11 month old baby’s death in Colorado 2 years ago has been determined to be
the first ever documented marijuana death.
–4 people went on a rampage in a Missouri town last weekend, barking and yelling,
breaking into buildings, and even stripping off their clothes and showering in
soda water, allegedly due to the synthetic drug known as Flakka.

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