News Roundup 11-29-17

​Date:        November 29, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​This Crosstalk began with Jim introducing VCY Bookstore Manager Rick Bach. Rick brought listeners information about 4 films that have been having a positive impact upon viewers. The films are: ‘Courageous’, ‘Facing the Giants’, ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Flywheel’.

Jim continued this broadcast by highlighting numerous headlines. Some of these included:

–President Trump urges China’s president to use all available levers to pressure
North Korea to halt its provocations, a day after Pyongyang tested a new
intercontinental ballisic missile.
–North Korea’s latest ICBM demonstrated the ability to reach a range of
8,100 miles.
–China expressed concern over North Korea’s latest missile test with other
nations showing concern as well including New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, the
European Union and Britain.
–Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea not to test the resolve of
President Trump or the capabilities of the U.S. military.
–Iranian military leaders announce that they will send a fleet of warships into
the Atlantic Ocean en route to the Gulf of Mexico.
–A Russian jet buzzes a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea.
–A new maritime version of the ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system has been
declared operational by the Israeli Defense Forces following months of testing.
–With the UK set to ‘brexit’ the EU, globalists in Brussels are on the move to
further centralize control.
–The Supreme Court has affirmed a victory for prayer at school board meetings in
–The official White House Christmas card says, ‘Merry Christmas’.
–Muslim fighters are sharing a disturbing propaganda image threatening an attack
on New York at Christmas time.
–Terrorists using encrypted communication channels have been sharing posters of
London’s Regent Street decked out in Christmas lights and Paris’ Eiffel Tower
with Christmas markets in the foreground.
–Radical imams from Virginia, Maryland and Texas recently attended a fund-raising
event organized by an Islamist charity where they were treated to a smorgasbord
of teachings from foreign-based Islamic thinkers.
–Western Europeans fleeing from Islam and setting up colonies in Hungary.
–The Senate Budget Committee advanced the chamber’s GOP tax bill.
–A federal judge Tuesday rejected a lawsuit from an official who claims that she,
and not President Trump, appointed Mick Mulvaney as the rightful director of the
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
–Government K-8 schools in California recently became the first in America to
begin demanding pro-homosexual and transgender propaganda in history textbooks.
–The ‘Barbie’ doll is going ‘gay’ and advertising a pro-sodomy agenda.
–The military must take transgender service members beginning January 1st.
–The State Department commemorated Transgender Day of Remembrance.
–The second openly transgender man to hold elected office won a seat on the
Palm Springs city council.

More Information:

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