Biblical Archaeology 12-1-17

​Date:        December 1, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
​Guest:      Dr. Randall Price
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​Dr. Randall Price is the founder and president of World of the Bible Ministries. His doctorate is in Middle Eastern studies with a concentration in Jewish studies and biblical archaeology. He is the senior curator of the Liberty Biblical Museum. He was director of excavations on the Qumran Plateau in Israel from 2002-2012 and is now co-director of Operation Scroll which led to the first discovery in over 60 years of a new Dead Sea Scroll cave. He was a senior archaeologist for the Ark Search Expedition to Mt. Ararat. He’s produced five films in the Bible lands based on several of his books, ‘In Search of Temple Treasures’, ‘Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls’, ‘The Stones Cry Out’, ‘Jerusalem in Prophecy’ and ‘The Coming Last Days Temple’. He’s author or contributor to many books and articles, including being co-author of the ‘Zondervan Handbook on Biblical Archaeology’, set for release in late 2017.

Dr. Price has a motto: ‘Bringing the world of the Bible to the Word of the Church.’ What does he mean? Dr. Price noted we have the content of Scripture which has a context. Many times we simply read the Bible in a devotional way and forget that the people and places we read about were real and connected with the events mentioned. This shows how important it is to go back to the actual context to understand how the message was originally delivered. If that’s accurate, we can transport that to the 21st century and apply it more accurately to our lives.

One of the ways we verify the people, places and events in the Bible is through biblical archaeology. With that idea in mind, this Crosstalk looked at an excavation from earlier this year that took place in a cave that was suspected to be a new Dead Sea Scrolls cave. You’ll hear details of discovered jars, 2,000 year old iron picks from the original Second Temple period, who’s the rightful owner of any scrolls found, further excavation plans, and much more.

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