‘Hate Tracker’ Jumps to New Levels

​Date:        December 28, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:      Richard Mast
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​​Richard Mast is the senior litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel, a ministry that advocates on behalf of religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and to strengthen marriage and the family.

Many Crosstalk listeners are familiar with The Southern Poverty Law Center and their attempts at monitoring organizations that they deem as promoting ‘hate’. Now they’ve introduced what they term a ‘hate tracker’.

Richard noted that this is not about monitoring hate but instead is about silencing conservative, political discourse and adding fuel to the idea that there’s a groundswell of hate across America. In other words, what the SPLC defines as ‘hate’ is support for traditional values and the biblical principles which, in turn, under gird our laws.

He believes that the SPLC wants to cast anyone that espouses a conservative political viewpoint as a ‘hater’ and therefore cut off any hope of reasoned debate. They don’t want to understand what Christians believe about various moral issues. In fact, they’ve communicated that their intent is to destroy everyone that they’ve labeled as a hate group.

The problem is that the SPLC not only recognizes those groups that are truly violent and hate-filled, but that they also lump in conservative Christian groups that simply advocate for a biblical worldview on such issues as homosexuality and transgender confusion. Such groups include Liberty Counsel, D. James Kennedy Ministries and the Family Research Council.

This position by the SPLC is what led to an individual who tried to shoot up the Family Research Council, as well as Congressman Scalise who was falsely labeled as being part of white supremacist meetings.

The SPLC’s ‘hate-tracker’ efforts are said to have included monitoring use of the word, ‘Jesus’. Richard added that this effort also includes monitoring of the moniker M.A.G.A. (the acronym for Make America Great Again) which he believes proves that they’re attempting to demonize conservative opponents.

Richard explained specifically why the organization he represents, Liberty Counsel, is not a ‘hate’ group. He described Liberty Counsel as a Christian ministry that believes every person is made in God’s image and have inherent dignity as creatures of God, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum or personal sin habits. They believe political discourse should be civil and respectful. They believe there can still be disagreement among individuals but it should be handled politely and non-violently.

As this Crosstalk continued, Jim and Richard looked at how the SPLC is trying to pressure the tech and media world to shut down any group they list as a ‘hate’ group, the Department of Justice view on the subject, the method Liberty Counsel uses to counter such aggression, the Senate seat election in Alabama, the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Governor Jerry Brown of California offering pardons to felons that are set to be deported, and a government raid that uncovered baby bodies preserved in a warehouse.

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