The United Nations: From Chicago to Israel

Date:        December 29, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:      Alex Newman
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​​Crime and violence are running rampant in Chicago. A Cook County commissioner calls it, ‘quiet genocide’ as over 650 murders have taken place in 2017. In response, he’s requesting for the United Nations to deploy peace-keeping troops to the city.

Meanwhile, the U.N. has passed another anti-Israel resolution, condemning the U.S. for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of that nation.

Joining Jim to discuss these two issues was Alex Newman. Alex is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. His articles frequently appear in The New American. He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

County Commissioner Richard Boykin is the person responsible for the call to bring U.N. peace-keeping troops into Chicago. According to Alex, Boykin, who is very anti-police and ‘left-wing’ in his politics, flew to U.N. headquarters in New York City to meet with a number of U.N. officials on this matter.

Why not just call in the National Guard? Boykin responded by saying, ‘The difference is, I’m not so sure that the National Guard is so used to peace-keeping and a peace-keeping role. The U.N is trained in this.’

Alex then relayed history of a problem in a province that was determined had to remain part of the Congo. U.N. peace-keepers came in and began bayoneting children, bombing hospitals and launching mortars on civilian homes. He indicated that these kinds of atrocities have occurred in every place where U.N. peace-keeping troops have been deployed. In fact, he challenged readers to show him even one place where such troops are doing a decent job.

In another example he mentioned how 8 out of 10 underage girls in a town on the Ivory Coast admitted to being regularly raped and sexually exploited by occupying U.N. troops.

Equally disturbing is the U.N.’s open belief that there are too many black people in the world. Alex has papers from the U.N. proving this as they express the idea that the black population in Africa has to be reduced.

Does the U.N. actually have the power to deploy such troops in the U.S.? Alex explained that there’s no mandate from the U.N. to send peace-keepers to the U.S., but the implications surrounding the fact that this is even being talked about are huge. Aside from this, the Constitution prohibits any state from forming an alliance with any foreign power.

How has Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded to this? He hasn’t, although it’s interesting to note that Boykin has been critical of Emanuel in spite of the fact that they are similar in their politics and views on government and the role of the U.N.

Regarding Alex’s analysis of the decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, he communicated that whether one likes it or not, the government of Israel is situated there. In 1995 we passed a law stating that it’s time we move our embassy to Israel’s capital, and every six months, presidents signed waivers so they wouldn’t have to do that. President Trump did that as well the first time around, but as many now know, he’s determined to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

There’s much more to glean from this program, including audio on the topic of the embassy from Ambassador Nikki Haley, our withdrawing from UNESCO, our funding of the U.N., the U.N.’s chastening of the U.S. regarding poverty/human rights, and more.

More Information:

To contact your congressmen regarding The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017 (HR-193) that would allow for the U.S. to leave the U.N., call 202-225-3121 or call the Foreign Affairs Committee at 202-225-5021.

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