The State of the Church 1-1-18

​Date:      January 1, 2018
Host:      Jim Schneider
Guest:    Ben Everson
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​​Ben Everson is an evangelist, a lyric vocalist, vocal coach and a clinician on a-Capella group techniques. He’s a prolific songwriter as well as an accomplished recording engineer. He’s been a guest lecturer at such places as Pensacola Christian College, Maranatha Baptist University, International Baptist College & Seminary and other locations. He’s part of the teaching faculty of Majesty Music College Seminars.

How does Ben classify the state of the church today? If he was presenting an address on the subject would he describe the church as awake or perhaps asleep and in need of being revived?

While explaining he wasn’t trying to dodge the question, Ben believes it’s both. He sees some good things going on. For example, a lot of churches are embracing things on the technological side with the truth being transmitted through the airwaves, the Internet and the social media channels.

On the negative side, Ben sees some churches giving in to the temptation to become so intellectual, especially within leadership, that the average church member, who doesn’t know how to deal with sin in their life or fix their marriage, is being left behind.

Ben also pointed to the needs in the political spectrum, such as defending freedom of religion, contrasted with the needs of individuals. While we stand against the political movements designed to take away our freedom, we must remember that there are souls within those movements that are in need of Christ.

Jim then described how we are the salt of the earth as well as the light of the world. Do we get to choose between those two aspects? Ben responded once again by saying it’s both.

So does Ben believe the church is out of balance? Are we so concerned with things going on in Washington that we’re neglecting the spiritual side of things? Or is it just the opposite? Are we so cloistered in our churches that we’re neglecting what’s happening in the world?

Ben believes churches fall on either side of that. Part of his job going in is to discern where a particular church is on that spectrum. He mentioned how there’s no impact without contact. So if we don’t engage others around us, how can we imagine that we’ll have any impact carrying the truth to them. On the other hand, we can get so caught up in the sphere of politics that we lose touch with spiritual reality.

As this Crosstalk progressed, Ben presented his views on challenges that pastors face today, what people can do to encourage their pastors in the faith, his thoughts on prayer, details about his book on revival, a song from his family, where he feels the church is headed, and much more.

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