News Roundup 1-12-18

​Date:       January 12, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
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​Some of the stories that Jim highlighted on this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up’ included:

–President Trump will continue waving sanctions against Iran that were lifted as
part of the landmark 2015 nuclear deal.
–Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan touted a 45 year low in illegal immigration
under President Donald Trump.
–A federal judge barred the Trump administration from turning back the Obama era
DACA program.
–President Trump rejected a bipartisan ‘dreamer’ immigration plan proposed by a
group of U.S. senators.
–Democrats are ‘changing their tune’ on the issue of the border wall.
–The Trump administration asks Congress for nearly 18 billion dollars for the
construction of more than 700 miles of new and replacement border barriers.
–The Center for American Progress circulated a memo calling illegal immigrants
brought here at a young age a critical component of the Democratic party’s
future electoral success.
–President Trump signed an act into law that gives border patrol agents better
tools to detect and stop the smuggling of fentanyl into the U.S.
–A U.S. District Court has recently revoked an India native’s naturalized U.S.
citizenship as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Operation Janus’.
–ICE targeted dozens of 7-Eleven stores across America on Wednesday with
inspection notices and interviews.
–President Trump used blunt, vulgar language to describe why he felt America
shouldn’t allow more immigrants from Haiti as well as use of an expletive
regarding places in Africa.
–The Trump administration decides to delay but not yet scrap the Affirmatively
Furthering Fair Housing rule.
–The House voted to renew a key foreign surveillance program (FISA) after a
heated debate.
–The EPA’s staff is on schedule to be reduced nearly in half by the end of the
president’s first term.
–The Trump administration threw open the doors to states that want to impose work
requirements Medicaid recipients saying programs that require able-bodied people
to get hired and learn new skills will lift them up and off government support.
–Utility companies are crediting passage of the Republican tax cut and jobs act
for their plans to lower the bills of customers.
–Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to the Middle East is back on again.
–A new video from Project Veritas reveals that Twitter workers have ways to ban
users of its social media platform without letting them know.
–A Project Veritas video revealed that Twitter employees are willing to use their
access to President Trump’s account to bring him down.
–House Republicans vote in favor of making concealed carry permits valid across
state lines.
–A Democrat backed study meant to expose illicit online gun sales instead seems
to show the opposite.

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