Addressing Transgenderism Medically

​Date:       January 16, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:     Dr. Michelle Cretella
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​The confusion continues. Our guest today calls gender confusion (whether one is male or female) ‘large scale child abuse’ at the hands of parents, teachers, therapists and physicians. 
​Many are claiming they were ‘born this way’ or are even ‘trapped in the wrong body.’ But Dr. Cretella says that all are born with a ‘biological sex’ and that ‘From the moment of conception, we are either male or female (according to chromosomes)’ and that these are ‘imprinted in every cell of our body forever and do not change.’ Cretella says ‘We are male or female – that’s it. It is not possible for a man to become a woman or vice versa. DNA cannot be changed, nor can hormones and/or cosmetic surgery resolve the problem.’ However, despite the fact that no science supports someone being ‘trapped in the wrong body’ Cretella says transgender ‘politics’ are making big waves. 

Dr. Cretella mentions how now in many cases ‘if physicians don’t toe the line, they will find themselves without jobs.’ Instead of offering proven methods of treatment (counseling) children are encouraged to become whatever they imagine themselves to be and that one’s identity is totally up to them. Cretella says ‘identity is in the mind, our thoughts and perceptions.’ Cretella says a typical response to this has been through ‘family therapy’ where children (and parents) explore feelings, beliefs and home life. She quotes cases where children have been turned around by this type of therapy. Cretella says ‘this is the challenge today as parents and physicians to uncover what is underneath these (transgender) thoughts and beliefs.’ If the ideology is not challenged but instead affirmed, it really does help ingrain the damaging mindset.

Many other aspects are brought forth, such as transgender hormone therapy, puberty blockers and sex change hormones. Moreover, also the personal changing of pronouns (he or she) which Cretella does not support and says is ‘pure ideology’ that this so called improper use of pronouns has brought many legal implications to America’s schools and has strengthened the cause. Cretella says the more this overall agenda is pushed as ‘normal and healthy’ the more children will be ‘derailed’ as well as the more women themselves becoming at risk regarding personal privacy and safety in public places (men using women’s restrooms). Crosstalk takes your calls.

Dr. Michelle Cretella – President of the American College of Pediatricians and a general pediatrician with a special interest in behavioral pediatrics.  She serves on the Medical Committee of the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity and has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Research and therapy for Homosexuality.  She received her medical degree in 1994 from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and completed in internship and residency in pediatrics in 1997 at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford

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