Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study

Date:        January 25, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Dr. Warren Wiersbe
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​​Dr. Warren Wiersbe is an internationally known Bible teacher, former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago, and former general director and speaker on the Back to the Bible broadcast. Dr. Wiersbe has written over 175 books including the popular ‘Be’ series of expositional Bible studies. He’s the author of the new book, ‘Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study’.

For some people, getting into the Bible means we only do it to check it off our list for the day. Dr. Wiersbe believes the Bible is the most delightful and dynamic book. But that’s not how he always felt. He recalled how he went to confirmation class where he had to read straight through the Bible. He thought it was all rather boring. Then at about 16 years of age he went to a Youth for Christ rally where Billy Graham was preaching and trusted Christ as his Savior. He then began reading his Bible, found study guides, and he’s been at it ever since.

Discipline is also a critical component in this discussion. According to Dr. Wiersbe, discipline controls us. Since he became ‘born again’ he’s been in the habit of being up early in the morning, studying the Word of God, praying and meditating. Then when he was in the pastorate he was constantly studying and getting ready to preach and teach others. The Bible transformed his life.

Dr. Wiersbe differentiates between personal, daily devotional time, from serious Bible study. It’s about getting into the Word in such a way that we can see where it relates. In other words, there’s a difference between facts and truths. There are thousands of facts in the Bible and there are truths that are built out of those facts that change our lives. You have to have both.

What about those of us who feel they just don’t have time to study the Bible? Dr. Wiersbe believes we need to engage the Bible first of all because it’s the Word of God and since we’re the children of God, would we not want our Father to speak to us? Would we not want our Savior to teach us? Would we not want the Holy Spirit of God to open our eyes so that we can behold wonderful things in the Word?

So for Dr. Wiersbe, studying the Word of God is not something painful. It’s exciting. When he discovers a truth in one book that connects with a truth in another book, he described it as being handed a piece of birthday cake. If we don’t get into the Word, the Word won’t get into us.

His latest book also points out that we need to study the Bible because the enemy knows the Bible. The Devil quoted the Bible when he tempted Jesus. The Bible is the sword that we use to fight Satan. It has to be ‘practiced’ day after day. It’s nutrition and it’s light in this very dark world.

As this program progressed, Dr. Wiersbe also commented on the following:

–Memorizing the books of the Bible in order.
–Why is hermeneutics important within the issue of Bible study?
–The role of the Holy Spirit and prayer in Bible study.
–What are some of the questions we should ask as we read through the Bible?
–What approach has he taken in ‘Delights and Disciplines of Bible Study’ as it
relates to the review of the Bible’s books?

More Information:

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