The FISA Memo

​Date:        January 30, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      John Guandolo​
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​Many are asking the same question: What is FISA? (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) 

Jim’s guest today is John Guandolo, a former FBI Agent assigned to the Counter Terrorism Division who created and implemented the FBI’s first counter terrorism training.  He begins the interview saying that there are two things he wants everyone to come away with today: ‘FISA is constitutional….FISA is necessary.’ Since news first broke of this four page memo, Republicans (along with President Trump) are demanding it’s public release. Once considered ‘secret’ this memo details alleged government surveillance abuses going back to the 2016 Presidential race where reports are that the Obama Administration ordered spying on the Trump campaign and his transition team. Democrats have countered calling the memo ‘bias’ and an attempt to undermine our Department of Justice and any ongoing Trump/Russia investigations. Regardless, some are calling news of this memo ‘worse than Watergate.’

Today, Guandolo explains how the FISA Court works and calls it an ‘important tool for our national security’ which he says is ‘a train wreck.’ Guandolo explains how this memo first came to light and warns of it’s ramifications – going as far as mentioning those in our nation guilty of  ‘very serious crimes’ (without naming any names) such as sedition and espionage.  Also discussed today is the 2016 Las Vegas Massacre, former FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, the sudden departure of Andrew McCabe for ‘terminal leave’, the Mueller investigation, and if we will need a special prosecutor to investigate our own FBI?

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