News Roundup 3-28-18

​Date:       March 28, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​Below is a sample of stories gathered for this edition of Crosstalk:

–Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is calling to have the 2nd
Amendment repealed.
–Al Sharpton’s half brother, who protested with anti-gun advocates on Saturday,
has been charged with capital murder amid Alabama homicide.
–Author points out how multiple celebrities would go in and out of their
limousines under the heavily armed protection of private security members at
anti-gun rally.
–Saturday ‘End the Violence’ protests highlighted by the voices of recognizable
Democrats, most notably that of former President Obama.
–Activists set up 501(c)4 dark money group, a common way to organize politically
active non-profits to plan and fund both the march itself and future activism in
order to impose the new gun control measures that they support.
–President Trump appoints former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to replace General
H.R. McMaster as new national security advisor.
–H.R. McMaster held to the Obama view that Islamic jihad terrorism had nothing to
do with Islam.
–Planned Parenthood tweets that Bolton is an extreme ideologue.
–John Bolton said to be a ‘hawk’ on North Korea.
–Increased activity noted at a North Korea nuclear facility in recent weeks.
–North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, met with China’s leader.
–Russia and China outpacing the U.S. in the development of hypersonic missile
–President Trump is suggesting a new branch of the military known as the U.S.
Space Force.
–The Trump administration to impose up to 60 billion dollars in trade
restrictions on China to counter a concerted program of economic aggression
against the U.S.
–On Monday President Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian intelligence
officers and the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle. This was done in
response to the nerve agent attack in the UK earlier this month.
–The U.N. Human Rights Council has approved 5 anti-Israel resolutions and called
on the nations of the world to participate in an arms embargo against Israel.
–Former President Obama envisions a world with young leaders just like him.
–The Trump administration announced that with few exceptions, transgenders will
be banned from serving in the U.S. military.
–Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver commends President Trump’s decision to refocus the
military’s mission to emphasize readiness and unit cohesion.
–The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is no longer hosting a web page
on lesbian and bisexual-specific health issues.
–The Human Rights Campaign applauds Washington governor to sign a ban on
conversion therapy for youth.

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