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​Date:       May 1, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:     Frank Gaffney
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​Frank Gaffney is a national security expert, founder, president and CEO of Center for Security Policy and speaker on the Secure Freedom Minute.

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel found, and secured from Iran, half a ton of highly secret documents, blueprints, photographs, videos, etc. Apologists for the Iranian regime are playing this down but as Netanyahu has pointed out, the Iranians have been lying about their nuclear weapons ambitions.

Frank believes our European allies look at this situation a bit differently because they’re anxious to do business with Iran. In the end, Frank thinks President Trump will tell the Europeans that you can do business with the U.S. or you can do business with the Mullahs.

Jim mentioned the rockets that hit Syrian bases over the weekend. Frank believes these were Israeli missiles sent to take out weapons that Iran was bringing in for the purpose of threatening Israel. Frank also talked about the ambitions of all the ‘bad actors’ in the region who are interested in Syria, including Russia and former NATO ally Turkey.

Conversation then moved to Frank’s assessment of what appears to be a new-found friendship between North Korea and South Korea. Frank believes the leaders of both nations have one mind between them. This involves seeing what can be done to perpetuate the regime of North Korea. This is due in part to the fact that South Korea’s leader has been on the ‘left’ while his senior subordinates have been advocates for North Korea for years.

Frank also commented that there are many Muslims who love America. On the other hand, those who embrace Sharia believe they are called by God to impose that system on everyone else. He sees civilization jihad as particularly insidious because like a submarine, it runs stealthy and deep. The vanguard of this movement has been the Muslim Brotherhood. They are here and we know what their goals are based upon the explanatory memorandum, which was a strategic plan outlining the destruction of Western civilization from within. This plan was introduced into evidence during the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history by our federal government.

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