News Roundup 5-10-18

Date:       May 10, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​Jim rolled out details dealing with these and many more news headlines during this version of the weekly ‘Round-Up’:

–President Trump announced today that his high—stakes summit meeting with North
Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will take place in Singapore on June 12th.
–Kim Jong-Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in China for a stealth
–The New York Times bashed Mike Pompeo for being missing in action while
President Trump was tearing up the Iran nuclear deal. It became clear that
Pompeo wasn’t missing in action but was busy getting 3 Americans released from
captivity in North Korea.
–Vice President Pence recalled how one of the Americans released from prison in
North Korea asked to walk outside during a refueling stop because he hadn’t seen
daylight for a long time.
–North Korea is said to hold 80,000 to 120,000 in captivity in conditions that
rival those of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps.
–President Trump s signed a memorandum to reimpose sanctions on Iran to force
them back to the negotiating table.
–President Trump blasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for criticizing
the withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, noting that Schumer opposed the deal
when President Obama negotiated it.
–The head of Iran’s parliamentary committee on national security said the nation
is preparing to continue spending on its ballistic missile program as a direct
response to President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Obama
negotiated nuclear deal.
–Iranian leaders are threatening harsh reprisals against the U.S.
–The European Union is determined to preserve the Iran nuclear deal despite the
withdrawal by the U.S.
–South Korea says it would seek U.S. exemptions to buy Iranian oil.
–The Iranian military attacked Israel just after midnight.
–Israel says it struck nearly all of the Iranian infrastructure sites in Syria in
response to a barrage of Iranian rocket fire targeting Israeli military
positions in the Golan Heights.
–Statistics show that Iran’s active duty personnel significantly outnumber that
of Israel, but with a larger military budget, Israel has more than enough
weaponry to protect itself from Iran.
–The U.S. has condemned the Iranian rocket attacks from Syria against Israel.
–An Indonesian court sentenced a Protestant pastor to 4 years in prison and added
a hefty fine simply because he shared his faith with a taxi driver.
–President Trump said that 5 ‘most wanted’ leaders of the Islamic State have been
–Abortionist Robert Rho accepted a previously offered plea bargain and admitted
his guilt to felony negligent homicide immediately after the judge announced a
jury had reached its verdict in the three week trial.
–Pro-life students protested at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities which
prompted the school to cancel its plans to hire an abortionist to teach
–A band of young, courageous, former gays and transgenders from around the U.S.
converged on Washington, D.C., last weekend to proclaim in public the freedom
they have found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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