Islam’s European Impact

Date:      May 30, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:    Soeren Kern  ​​
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​​As of this date, website is reporting that since Ramadan began this year, there’ve been 77 terror attacks in the name of Islam with 318 killed.

As this behavior continues, how has this impacted Europe and what does the future hold for the continent overall as it pertains to Islam?

Joining Jim to look at that question was Soeren Kern. Soeren is a distinguished senior fellow of the Gatestone Institute. He’s a political scientist by training, specializing in European politics as well as U.S. and European defense and security issues. He’s a regular columnist about European politics and transatlantic relations. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Germany and currently resides in Spain.

In England, journalist and anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson is in prison for violating probation. According to Soeren, the political elites in the UK are angry because Robinson continually brings to light problems related to integration. A judge refused to allow UK media to report on Robinson’s situation which Soeren believes is censorship in order to prevent activists from exposing problems related to mass migration of people from the Muslim world.

How has England been changing under Islam? The UK now has one of the largest Muslim populations of any nation in Europe. However, whether it’s the UK or other European nations, the main issue is integration or non-integration. This is due to the fact that Islam is a political ideology in addition to being a religion. Islam’s goal is to conquer the entire world and bring it under the submission of Allah. This means that Muslims can’t integrate because that would be in violation of Islamic doctrine.

This has resulted in the formation of parallel justice systems where you see Sharia courts adjudicating Muslim civil cases in spite of that nation’s secular laws. So while women will have certain constitutional protections under secular law, under Sharia, those same women are treated as second-class citizens.

Soeren indicated that there are a lot of conflicts about the role of religious education in the school system, not just in the UK, but in France and other European nations. There’s a lot of tolerance for the teaching of Islam, a type of tolerance that is not shown toward Judaism or Christianity.

Soeren gave an example he referred to as ‘the Trojan Horse Case’. Extremist/fundamentalist Muslims were influencing a large number of schools in the Birmingham area by trying to enforce Sharia codes. It’s a nationwide problem and he believes the government has no idea how to deal with the issue.

As the program moves along, you’ll hear more about Islam as it pertains to France Germany, Spain and much more.

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