News Roundup 6-8-18

Date:      June 8, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
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​​Below are just some of the headlines Jim brought to the attention of Crosstalk listeners:

–The St. Paul, Minnesota, public library presenting ‘drag’ stories for families
in June and July in celebration of ‘pride’.
–An 11 year old boy who wants to be treated like a girl will be the grand marshal
for one of the largest gay pride parades.
–A controversial Canadian video uses children to promote gay pride month.
–Popular clothing retailer J. Crew is launching a line of rainbow themed clothing
for June, LGBT pride month, targeting children and fundraising for a pro-
homosexual lobbying group.
–Public schools in Illinois may be forced to single out homosexual historical
figures for special praise if legislation that has already passed one chamber
ultimately prevails.
–A 28 year old teacher is being forced to resign because he refuses to call
transgender students by their preferred names rather than the names they were
given at birth.
–California is going to ban state funded travel to Oklahoma because of a new law
that let’s private agencies deny placement of adopted children with same-sex
–The Human Rights Campaign Foundation unveiled ground-breaking resources to
guide child welfare agencies in better serving the more than 430,000 children
and young people in foster care.
–A CrossFit executive fired for calling LGBT pride a sin.
–The new facility for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team will contain some
gender neutral restrooms.
–Madison, WI., city council members are seeking to ban conversion therapy.
–Richard Madaleno, a Democratic candidate in Maryland’s gubernatorial race, made
history yesterday by airing the first political TV campaign ad featuring a same-
sex kiss.
–House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement made in honor of LGBTQ
pride month, that marriage equality is part of the progress that Americans have
made in moving our nation closer to fulfilling the promise of our creed that all
are created equal.
–The Human Rights Campaign launches a nationwide summer of action anchored by
about 500 local events in all 50 states along with Puerto Rico and D.C.
–The LGBT rainbow flag was raised over a veterans park in Maine.
–Pittsburgh police show solidarity with a rainbow adorned squad car.
–More than 100 members of Congress signed a letter calling on Defense Secretary
Jim Mattis to reverse the Pentagon’s ban on the most transgender people from
military service.
–The Polk County Sheriffs office announced that investigators arrested 11
suspects in a child porn sting in Central Florida, some of whom worked for
Disney World and Lego World.
–Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV AIDS are all on the rise in South Dakota
and across the nation, reaching near historic infection rates.
–‘All Hands on Deck’ set to take the Gospel to the second largest pride parade in
the nation in Columbus, Ohio, June 14-17.

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