News Roundup 6-14-18

​​Date:      June 14, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
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​Due to our upcoming annual Father’s Day broadcast, Jim presented this Thursday edition of the Round-Up. Some of the headlines mentioned included:

–President Trump believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will move immediately
on steps toward denuclearization and that the process is moving rapidly.
–Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that unlike past agreements with
Pyongyang, the one being pursued by the Trump administration will not provide
economic benefits until the complete denuclearization of North Korea has taken
–On his way back from the summit with North Korea, President Trump met briefly
with the governor of Guam.
–FBI agent Peter Strzok texted a fellow bureau official in August 2016 saying
that they’d stop Trump from becoming president.
–Foreign actors obtained access to some of former Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton’s e-mails including at least one e-mail classified as secret.
–The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the constitutionality of an Ohio law that
removes people from voter rolls after 6 years if they do not vote during that
time or respond to state efforts to verify their residence in the state.
–The Supreme Court struck down Minnesota’s broad ban on wearing political apparel
at the polls.
–Drag queen children’s TV shows are coming to America.
–The U.S. government has awarded a pro-transgender activist one million dollars
to study transgenderism in kids in a study critics say is already fundamentally
–The U.S. House approved a ban on the importation and trafficking of anatomically
correct child sex dolls and robots that are normalizing sex between adults and
–Nathan Larson, an accountant in Virginia, believes it’s OK for adults to have
sexual relations with children, yet he’s running for Congress.
–For the first time in history, the NFL and Major League Baseball will be
participating in New York City’s gay pride parade
–Connecticut had its state open track and field championships. One person broke
the state open records for girls in both the 100 and 200 meter runs, but the
person is a biological boy.
–Maine will issue gender-neutral driver’s licenses.
–In the UK, one 9 year old girl had such an intense addiction to the killing
video game Fortnight, she would play the game for 10 hours per day. She’d
secretly get up at night and play until dawn while neglecting to go to the
bathroom because she couldn’t bear to leave the scene. She even hit her father
in the face when he tried to confiscate her X-Box game console.
–For the first time since President Obama repealed the military’s ‘Don’t ask,
don’t tell’ policy during the early years of his presidency, Pentagon officials
have chosen not to honor LGBT Pride Month with formal acknowledgment.
–In an amazing show of force, 30 former homosexuals and transgenders took to a
podium outside the California statehouse to oppose a proposed law banning
therapy and printed resources helping those who seek freedom from LGBTQ+
identities and lifestyles.
–Just 3 days after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in favor of a
baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding, a court in Arizona is
forcing a pair of Christian small business owners to provide their products to a
homosexual couple.
–Some senators seek to block the sale of jet fighters to the nation of Turkey.
–Iranian officials admit government obfuscation took place in order to cover the
tracks of the Al-Qaeda militants who went on to carry out the 9-11 attacks.

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