Most Critical Issue Facing America

​Date:        July 3, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​Jim began by noting tomorrow marks the 242nd anniversary of the independence of our nation.

56 men signed the Declaration of Independence and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, and since that time, many individuals have defended the freedom that we cherish so much as a nation.

After some additional history, Jim opened the phone lines to let listeners express what they believe is the most critical issue facing America today. Is it the threat of other nations? Is it the opioid epidemic? Is it the need to secure our border? Is it healthcare? Is it morality? Is it a need to reform our education system? How about racism, the national debt or the lack of spiritual discernment? Is it abortion or global warming?

Find out what your fellow listeners had to say when you review this timely Crosstalk broadcast. 

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