Rise: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom

​Date:        July 18, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guests:    Brigitte Gabriel
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​Our values and freedoms are under attack. There are forces at work to dismantle our Judeo-Christian values and freedoms, destabilize and threaten our national security, and radically redefine our very way of life. The guest on this edition of Crosstalk regularly faces death threats from terrorists while also being condemned by her critics. She grew up in Lebanon. At age 10, Islamists launched rockets into her home which destroyed it and seriously injured her. Her family was forced to seek refuge in an underground bomb shelter where they lived for the next seven years. Often surviving on mere weeds, they had to crawl through a ditch to get water from a nearby spring while avoiding Islamic snipers. She’s now a citizen of the United States.

​The individual in question is Brigitte Gabriel. She’s the founder and chairman of ACT for America, the nation’s largest and most influential national security grassroots advocacy organization.  She has addressed the United Nations, the Australian Prime Minister, members of the British Parliament, Members of the US Congress, the FBI and many others.  The top general for the Israel Defense Forces nicknamed Brigitte, ‘The Iron Woman’.’  She’s the author of, ‘Because they Hate’, ‘They Must Be Stopped’ and the soon to be released book, ‘Rise: In Defense of Judeo Christian Values and Freedom’.

According to Brigitte, 9-11 was actually the second major attack against the U.S. Radical Islamists began rising in the ’80’s which resulted in America being attacked under the Carter administration resulting in the Iran hostage situation. Then we were attacked again under the Reagan administration with the killing of marines in Lebanon. Then we were attacked under the Clinton administration with the World Trade Center bombing. At that point, our Islamic enemies were so confident that we were apathetic and asleep that they attacked the World Trade Center a second time in 2001, bringing it down while also attacking the Pentagon.

Why attack on 9-11? Brigitte noted that this is a very symbolic date on the Islamic calendar. It’s where the Islamic State was stopped 300 years ago in Europe and began taking back land that had been conquered by Islam, pushing Islam back to the Middle East and North Africa. So in one sense it was a revenge attack, but it also occurred because the U.S. is the representation of Judeo-Christian, Western values and civilization.

The result of 9-11 was a display of patriotism and our values although now the opposite seems to be taking place. Why is that? Brigitte believes it’s because we are under attack from both without and from within. Our enemies are now not merely the forces of radical Islam and jihadists, but a combination of those forces working with groups like ANTIFA and the ACLU. The result is that America is being transformed right before our eyes.

We see this transformation taking place in the form of the American flag which is now viewed by some as a symbol of hate on college campuses. Others kneel in protest during our national anthem. Patriotism is viewed as hateful and free speech is being eliminated by the tyranny of tolerance. Police are targeted by criminals while the mainstream media makes victims out of the killers.

This why Brigitte wrote her new book. It’s a battle cry for the heart and soul of America; for those who love and respect America along with its veterans.

At the end of every chapter of “Rise”, Brigitte has a section of pointers so readers can rise up and act. It’s this action that’s so critical because as she explains, just a few can make a significant difference. Discover more when you review this critical Crosstalk broadcast.

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