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Date:        July 19, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​The Bible is very clear that abortion is an abomination to God (Proverbs 6:16-17). In spite of that, our Supreme Court has sanctioned the killing of over 60 million precious lives since the Roe v. Wade decision.

Jim noted that we have numerous anti-bullying campaigns telling us not to speak out on marriage being between a man and a woman or that someone who’s in the homosexual lifestyle or has same-sex attractions can change. In doing so, Christians are labeled as intolerant and bullying. Yet if you want to stick a scissors in the back of a baby’s head and suction out their brain, that’s not bullying, that’s choice.

This mentality highlights the division in our nation between those who strive to uphold the sanctity of life and those who believe it’s a right to kill innocent human life in the womb.

Jim read headlines from numerous stories that highlight this division within our nation. Below is just a sample, the first of which are encouraging while the others are troubling:

–On Tuesday a federal judge sided with the Trump administration in a lawsuit
challenging its move to prioritize faith-based, abstinence-focused programs for
dispensing family planning dollars.

–West Virginia is one of 17 states that forces taxpayers to fund elective
abortions but that could change in November when citizens get a chance to vote
on a constitutional amendment that makes it clear that their state does not
recognize abortion as a right.

–Republican South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has banned abortion providers
from the list of his state’s Medicaid providers.

–A federal judge criticized the abortion industry’s apparent attempt to retaliate
against people of faith who believe unborn babies deserve a chance at life.

–Little Ellie Schneider arrived from her mother’s womb after just 21 weeks of
pregnancy. She had a slim chance of survival, but her parents had faith and
doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital worked hard to save her life. In June she
celebrated her first birthday. While she still uses an oxygen machine at night
and goes to physical therapy, she can crawl and even sits up on her own.

–Amnesty International has changed its abortion policy to one of broad support
for safe and legal abortion.

–Planned Parenthood is concerned about the threat Brett Kavanaugh would bring to
the Supreme Court on the issue of abortion restrictions/Roe v. Wade.

–Nancy Pelosi believes a vote for Judge Kavanaugh is a vote to destroy Roe v.

–Several branches of the New York YWCA put their support behind legislation that
could permanently legalize the killing of the unborn in the state.

–Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands filed a
lawsuit against Idaho’s Abortion Complications Reporting Act. The legislation
details 37 complications from abortion that must be reported to the Idaho
Department of Health and Welfare.

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