Abortion Pill Injuries Skyrocketing

​Date:        July 24, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:     Cheryl Sullenger​
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​​Abortion is safe! Well, according to who? Jim’s guest today has been involved in the pro-life movement since 1984. Cheryl Sullenger is the Senior Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. She also founded and directed the California Life Coalition in San Diego. Her efforts have helped to close multiple abortion clinics and have also influenced many abortionists to quit. Her research has also led to disciplinary action and criminal prosecutions against abortionists across our country. 

While you most likely will not see it in the major headlines, these abortion pills known as RU486 (and other prescription methods) are responsible for a skyrocketing influx of injuries and even death among women. Sullenger shares a basic understanding of how RU486 works. She explains how essentially, the body is ‘tricked into killing the baby.’ While RU486 was originally intended to be used up to 7 weeks from conception, now, it is being prescribed up to 10 weeks – making an already bad situation, even worse. Sullenger wants everyone to know that these processes are ‘not fun’ and that complications are rising. Statistics in Ohio alone backs up her claim (Ohio being one of the few states where it is mandatory to report such). While abortion as a whole in America is statistically down (Praise God) the means in how they are being performed are ‘gaining steam’ and have turned toward more death by prescription versus physical (surgical) means. All in all, the entire process is not what it’s portrayed to be and is not an easy fix.’I just don’t know why one would want to go through all of that’ Sullenger says. 

Crosstalk asks whether or not RU486 can be reversed? Sullenger answers that and also discusses what she sees as ‘good news’ that current abortion laws could be turned back over to the individual states here in America. She also says the President’s latest nomination for Supreme Court is a move ‘to uphold the right to life’ a campaign promise kept. Crosstalk takes your calls!

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