Focus on the Middle East

​Date:        July 26, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Dr. Gary Frazier​
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The Middle East is a hotbed of activity. A top Iranian general has said that forces in Syria are just awaiting orders to destroy Israel. A Syrian fighter jet was recently shot down after infiltrating Israel’s airspace. Israel is telling Russia that Iran must withdraw from Syria. Iran’s President has issued a dire warning to the United States with President Trump responding to Iran to never threaten the United States again. What is the significance of all of this? What is the prophetic significance? Joining us to discuss these issues is Dr. Gary Frazier. Dr. Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of bible prophecy. He is founder and President of Discovery Missions and has authored several books – including one previously discussed on Crosstalk ‘Miracle of Israel’ subtitled, ‘The Shocking, Untold Story of God’s Love for His People.’

In light of all that has already been said, Dr. Frazier immediately speaks directly to Crosstalk listeners offering the ‘big picture view’ of what Scripture says is going to be happening in the last days. Starting with the book of Genesis and then referring us on to Revelation, he begins to spell out the prophetic implications from our news today. The problem he sees however, is that ‘most people today would rather not talk about the end of times.’ He coins a term called ‘prophecy burn out’ which he describes as those who have heard so much that the sky is falling that they no longer care about such things; and therefore warns that in light of the many prophecies already fulfilled in Israel, this is ‘a naive and dangerous position to take in our culture today.’ 

Dr. Frazier refers to prophecies yet fulfilled from Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 which he teaches gives us a picture of where we are today in the Middle East conflict. A future event with a coalition of nations against Israel (Ezekiel 38:1) led by ‘a leader of what we now know today as Russia…will ultimately come against the nation of Israel (the Jewish people) because they want them to be destroyed.’ Dr. Frazier (speaking of Russian President, Vladimir Putin) says he is a former KGB agent who ‘has his eyes set on world domination’ and while it is a political game being played, this in itself has ‘spiritual and biblical implications’ to what is now happening. He also mentions some of the other ‘end time players’ who will work to try to destroy Israel – to no avail. 

Also discussed is Iran’s desire to acquire nuclear weapons to first destroy Israel, and then the West. While people are confused about Iran’s desire for Israel’s annihilation, Dr. Frazier comments that the whole thing is ‘a religious situation.’ While we here in America (and other nations) tend to separate politics from religion, Dr. Frazier says ‘unfortunately, in the Middle East we have subscribers to a very narrow strain of Islam’ these he says who believe they must bring forth a worldwide catastrophe, that their god ‘Allah’ can usher in their Mahdi (leader) who will initiate Islam worldwide. To note further, ‘the men that flew aircraft into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the field in Maryland, they didn’t do that because they were secular atheists; they did that because they were men who were deeply religious and who were on a religious mission.’ Frazier explains ‘you will never be able to solve a religious problem with a political solution.’ He also adds that while Iran does want to destroy us, it is not necessarily the Iranian public – but, Iran’s leaders. 

Ultimately, Dr. Frazier admits that while the Middle East situation is a ‘grave, serious situation, all of it speaks to the fact that there is a God on the Throne in Heaven, Who knows what tomorrow holds and Who holds our tomorrows, and it is so vital that we understand where we are because these truths help us to realize that each and every day is a precious gift from our Lord and that we need to be serious about the Father’s business.’ He encourages all that biblical prophecy was ‘never given to scare us – but, to prepare us. We as Christ followers, need be a prepared people.’

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