News Roundup 7-27-18

Date:        July 27, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​What a great way to start off a news ‘Round up Friday’ as Jim announced Pastor Andrew Brunson ‘HOME!’ Now, while it is under house arrest, even so, after almost two years in detention, Pastor Brunson was released at 5:30pm Wednesday from a maximum security prison in Turkey. This all followed a court order citing health reasons. Pastor Brunson must stay at the home until his next hearing scheduled for October 12th. Vice President Mike Pence had called on the nation of Turkey to release Brunson or face sanctions saying that Pastor Brunson ‘deserves to be free.’ Turkey has since responded advising the US to ‘watch our manners.’ Brunson, a Pastor from North Carolina has lived in Turkey for 23 years and has been on trial for terrorism and spying charges. 

-On the 65th anniversary of the Korean War, North Korea has returned what is believed to be 55 cases of remains of US servicemen killed, during the Korean War. This is a promise kept to President Trump from Kim Jong Un after their June 2018 summit, in Singapore. 

-US GDP ‘skyrocketing’ up to 4.1% in the 2nd quarter – far outrunning 1st quarter numbers (audio clip)

-Venezuela’s inflation may hit ‘1 million percent’

-Facebook stock collapsing – fears regarding user privacy, discrimination and censorship; outlook decelerating  

-Waiter fakes a racist receipt in Odessa, Texas – has regrets

-Trump Administration will grant up to 12 billion dollars for emergency farm aid

-New Public Enemy discovered: Plastic Straws (Santa Barbara, CA) 

-First Transgender ‘superhero’ coming to television this Fall 

-Republicans introduce ‘ol’ Glory Act’ forbidding  any other flag but that of the US at Embassies 

-Musilm Iman from Fresno, CA says invocation before the US House of Representatives (July 24, 2018)

-Former USA gymnastics Doctor convicted of molesting girls now, sexually assaulted himself within hours of entering jail 

-Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio will run for Speaker of the House. 

-22 women in America have died from taking abortion pills (an FDA report)

-Pro Life Journalist David Daleiden sees 7 out of 11 claims dismissed by the NAF (National Abortion Federation)

-In November, voters in Alabama may amend their state constitution to protect the rights of the unborn

-Prosecution of 13 pro life protesters stopped by a federal judge

-New graphic video game called ‘Doom Baby Fetus’ kills the unborn

-Senate confirms new VA Leader 86-09

-US High School Leadership Summit leads President Trump to ‘work on’ making America’s lunches ‘great again’

-Republicans repeal obscenity exemptions (protects parents and kids)

-Rep Maxine Waters has God ‘sent her?’

-Senator Corey Booker attacks Supreme Court nominee – with the bible. 

-Millionaire business man hands out hundreds of thousands of dollars in Chicago

-Gov. Andrew Cuomo grants conditional pardons

-Connecticut Democrat takes a knee in protest of President

-Federal Judge dismisses LGBT lawsuit

-Federal Judge orders Wisconsin to pay for surgeries for those in gender dysphoria

-Pennsylvania Farmers court ordered to ‘cease and desist’ from bible studies 

There is more – we take your phone calls! 

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