The Rise of Islam in America

​Date:        August 02, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:     Sam Rohrer
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​Sam Rohrer is the president of American Pastors Network and Pennsylvania Pastors Network. Sam is a former state legislator in Pennsylvania and was frequently referred to as the ‘Conscience of the House’ because of his stance for moral truth in public policy.

Is it just coincidental that we’re seeing the rise of Islam here in the U.S. or is it intentional? Sam believes it’s intentional because it’s advancement is about Shariah which is the ultimate goal, leading to a caliphate of total control of the whole world under Islam.

Sam feels Islam is targeting the U.S. because we are powerful. If in the pursuit of world dominance (which is what the Qur’an teaches) if the U.S. can be brought to its knees to become supportive of Islam, then the advancement toward world domination will be greatly improved. In other words, the goal of Islam isn’t necessarily to destroy us, but to convert us. If they can achieve that goal, the ability to bring the world to its knees becomes easier.

Sam noted that the phrase ‘civilization jihad’ is accurate but that others would refer to it as ‘shirt and tie’ infiltration. We tend to think that purely implemented Islam is about terrorists who blow themselves up. That is not the primary element of Islam. The part that prepares the way involves those who work behind the scenes by wearing shirts and ties while infiltrating various levels of our government, the church and other aspects of American society. These individuals lay the groundwork to prepare the culture for acceptance of Islam. That then allows them to do things to bring us forcibly to our knees.

According to Sam, promotion of Islam is very prevalent across American college campuses. They are there to help further the idea that Islam is equal in standing to any other religion protected under the First Amendment. It’s happening because the church in America and our current education system hasn’t been sufficiently teaching the truth about God’s Word so that people can identify the deceivers and those who run counter to biblical faith.

As the conversation continues there’s talk about how Christians portrayed negatively in the news seem to have their stories go nationwide while negative Muslim news stories seem to remain regional. Then there’s discussion regarding Muslim refugees, why Christian churches are falling prey to Islam, the encouragement of deception within Islam, and much more.

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