Importance of Scripture Memorization

​Date:        August 09, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:     Thomas Meyer
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​Tom Meyer is known as the Bible Memory Man. He’s an Associate Professor of Bible at Shasta Bible College. Tom has memorized over 20 books of the Bible and is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences where he presents the Bible spoken dramatically from memory. Tom inspires Christians nationally to memorize the Bible. He has put together The Memorization Study Bible, a King James Version New Testament.

When Tom went to Bible college around age 25, his pastor challenged him during the long ride from the Midwest to California to memorize a portion of the Sermon on the Mount. Now he has about 20 complete books memorized.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Bible and theology, he was open to wherever the Lord wanted to take him in his higher education. He decided to go to Jerusalem University College where he completed two masters degrees. That’s where he indicated he jumped ‘head first’ into memorization.

Tom’s memorized everything from Philemon to Revelation as well as chapters 1-22 of Genesis. He particularly likes Jonah.

He noted how we’re so blessed to have so many copies of the Bible at our fingertips in various forms, but a distance can form between us and the text where it doesn’t become part of our hearts and minds. However, like the Roman soldier who walked the streets in Paul’s day, who was outfitted in a certain way, Paul compares that to our spiritual walk. Everything that soldier wore was defensive: the belt, the shoes, the breastplate, the shield and the helmet. There was one exception. The sword. We have the sword of the Spirit. In this context ‘word’ is not ‘logos’ but ‘rhema’ which means ‘a thing spoken’. That’s your weapon.

As Jim also indicated, the Bible has been banned and you can have it ripped away from you but when you have Scripture memorized, none of that can happen.

What about the person who claims they just can’t memorize Scripture? Tom sympathizes with them because of the society we live in. For example, at one point his wife got a new phone and he forgot her phone number. So as he admitted, he’s a man who has the whole book of Revelation memorized yet he can’t remember his wife’s phone number. He just asks people to try a verse a week and by the end of the year you could have the whole book of Philemon or Titus memorized.

Remember, as Tom noted, your mind is like a muscle. You need to work it out. So if this sounds exciting to you, listen to this broadcast, pick up some helpful memorization tips and then take advantage of the special offer listed below.

More Information:

The Memorization Study Bible is a paperback King James New Testament that’s just shy of 500 pages. It breaks down every verse of Scripture in the New Testament in memorizable phrases and includes 7 different appendices. We are making The Memorization Study Bible available for a donation of $20 or more to Crosstalk. 

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