Friday News and Comment

​August 10, 2018

Host: Jim Schneider
Title: News Round-Up and Comment
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Here are some of the stories Jim brought forth for this week’s edition of the News Round-Up:

–The father of a missing 3 year old who was arrested at a New Mexico compound
linked to ‘extremist Muslims’ last week was training children to commit school
shootings, according to court documents.
–A New York Muslim tried to blow up a 7-11 gas station.
–Britain is under a knife crime epidemic with the number of incidents reaching a
record high of more than 40,000 last year.
–3 robbers have been found guilty of murder and manslaughter after they
tortured and beat to death a father because one entered his jewelry shop
disguised in an Islamic burqa.
–An Imam who delivers sermons in English in several mosques in the D.C. area said
in a sermon that Islam is the only solution to solving America’s problems.
–Hyatt Hotels coming under fire after receiving a call from a Muslim social
justice organization demanding that they cancel its agreement to host Act for
America’s annual conference in early September.
–President Trump called the sanctions that went into effect against Iran the most
biting sanctions ever imposed.
–President Trump puts out a warning to foreign nations not to do business with
Iran. If they do, they will lose business with the United States.
–The European Union has announced a new regulation aimed at shielding European
companies from the impact of U.S. sanctions on Iran.
–The Iraqi prime minister said he doesn’t agree with the U.S. sanctions that were
reimposed on Iran, but he’s going to abide by them and protect the interests of
his nation.
–An alleged major drug trafficker known as ‘Reaper’ was accused of being a
kingpin in the brutal MS-13 gang. He told a judge that life in lockup is
unbearable and he complained about a lack of phone access and discrimination he
–U.S. officials have arrested an illegal alien for multiple counts of rape after
he tried to gain entry to the U.S. with a child he claimed was his daughter.
–A number of individuals apprehended trying to cross the U.S./Mexico border fell
for the second successive month in July.
–A man with a history of threatening politicians and law enforcement has been
arrested by federal agents in New York after offering money to anyone who would
kill an I.C.E. agent.
–Portland and its mayor are under heavy legal fire because critics allege that
police have failed to protect federal immigration employees from angry anti-
Trump leftists.
–Representative Kathleen Rice of New York introduced a bill in Congress that
would force the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to adopt gender
neutral screening policies.
–Boys will continue to be allowed in girls restrooms and locker rooms in Oregon
after a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the policy.
–The number of children who are home-schooled has been rising anywhere from 3% to
8% a year according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.
–The National LGBT Bar Association recently announced a campaign that encourages
attorneys across America to pledge not to provide pro-bono services to Liberty
Counsel and to Alliance Defending Freedom.
–On Monday a U.S. court ruled that the Trump administration could not enforce an
updated policy barring certain transgender people from serving in the U.S.
military, becoming the second court in the nation to rule against the government
since it unveiled the policy this past March.

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