Bible Study: The I AM Bible

Date:        August 23, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Rick Bach
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​​​​Rick Bach is the manager of the VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center.  They are more than just a distributor of Christian materials, but also an instruction center where classes are taught on such matters as Evangelism, Christian essentials, apologetics and other topics.  The VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center is celebrating 22 years of ministry this month

Why does Rick feel people need to get into the Word of God? For him it’s all about relationship with God. So many people look at the Bible as a rule book. Instead, what we see in the Bible is God pursuing us and reaching out to us. He wants that relationship, not only through Jesus Christ at the point of initial salvation, but throughout our lives he wants to connect with us, grow in Him and enjoy Him. This happens automatically when we get into the Word of God. That happens immediately for some, while for others it’s more gradual.

Rick also feels it’s about the heart because while some will read the Bible for knowledge, they don’t open their heart to what God has for them. So some know about the Bible or parts of it, and some of it may even be memorized. But when it comes to actually letting the Bible soak into the depths of their heart and soul, this doesn’t happen, and that’s where the greatest impact should be. This is what grows that relationship with God and other people, showing that love that God wants us to put forth. That’s what impacts the world for Christ.

Many resources respond to this need, but a unique one that this Crosstalk looked at is called the I AM Bible. This is a King James Version Bible that highlights the direct statements of God, with short commentary provided for each statement. All of God’s words in the Old Testament are printed in bold black, while all of the words spoken by Jesus in the New Testament are in red. This allows you to identify when God is speaking, who he’s speaking to, as well as the reason for his statements.

Jim and Rick looked at some verse examples so that potential readers can see the effectiveness of this Bible. In addition, they discussed other features like the topical index, the glossary of terms used in the King James Bible, as well as this Bible’s massive concordance.

Time was also given to talk about another book on special this month titled: ‘Talking with Your Kids about God: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have’. Rick explained that your children will face challenges, along with doubts about their faith. So when they’re under your roof, that’s the best opportunity to bring their thoughts out in the open for discussion. This book allows parents to engage their children about important questions that perhaps they don’t have now, but will later. It’s a book that’s not about talking at your kids about God, but instead about talking with your kids about God.

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