Christian Heritage Week

​Date:       September 12, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Dr. Catherine Millard
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​​Dr. Catherine Millard is the president of Christian Heritage Ministries.  She’s the author of 15 historical books such as ‘The Rewriting of America’s History’, ‘The Christian Heritage of the 50 United States of America’, ‘The Dismantling of America’s History’, ‘The Truth about the Founding Fathers of the American Republic’, and others.  She is the producer of nine video documentaries on the original Christian heritage and history of America and has taught extensively on the subject in colleges, universities and schools throughout the nation.  She’s the recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for Excellence in patriotic and individual achievement and the Faith and Freedom Religious Heritage of America Award for significant contributions in affirming and strengthening the biblical principles in American life.

Although you may not see anything about it in your local newspaper, this is Christian Heritage Week. Dr. Millard noted that governors across America have issued proclamations recognizing this fact going back to 1991 with New Mexico’s signing of the proclamation.

Dr. Millard said that the Lord gave her the task to go to the International Law Library at the Library of Congress to research the remaining 49 state constitutions. In formulating every one of the proclamations she discovered that all 50 U.S. state constitutions give glory to/reference almighty God.

When God was ready for each state to have their first Christian Heritage Week, He raised up coordinators for each state who would present the proclamation to their governor for signature. The second state to have a Christian Heritage Week was California in April of 1992. Then in May of that same year, Massachusetts signed on. Wisconsin joined the list in September, followed by Delaware at end of the year.

It took 9 years to cover all 50 states and all have celebrated it on an annual basis.

Dr. Millard explained that the reason God gave them the vision for this was to bring back the original history. You can’t say on one side it’s secular history while on the other side its Christian history. She noted that the original history told by the writings of the founders is filled with Scripture and prayer. The idea is to bring this back to the hearts and lives of our youth as they’re the future leaders of the nation.

Does the evidence really show that America has a Christian heritage? Is that really the 10 Commandments above the bench in the inner courtroom of the Supreme Court or is that the Bill of Rights? These are just two questions that receive a thorough explanation from Dr. Millard, while Crosstalk callers provide input as well.

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