News Roundup 9-21-18

​Date:       September 21, 2018
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​​Once again, Jim took to the microphone to keep listeners up-to-date on the latest news items. Stories included:

–President Trump is calling on Christine Blasey Ford to furnish a police report
in order to back up her allegations that Brett Kavanaugh tried to sexually
assault her more than 3 decades ago.
–Ford’s legal team has asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to agree to certain
terms before she sits down for a potential interview.
–Since coming forward, Blasey Ford and her family have received numerous death
threats. Kavanaugh and his family have also received threats yet not all the
networks are telling that side of the story.
–Senator Susan Collins of Maine has also received some horrendous phone calls.
When that was revealed, California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell’s
reaction was, ‘boo-hoo-hoo!’
–Left-wing, non-profit groups that orchestrated disruptions during Kavanaugh’s
Supreme Court confirmation hearings likely violated IRS rules which can result
in their loss of tax exempt status.
–Blasey Ford has ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company.
–New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker facing accusations of hypocrisy over
his calls to delay the confirmation vote of Brett Kavanaugh amid sexual
misconduct allegations as he once admitted.
–Ricki Seidman, a long-time Democrat operative, is advising Blasey Ford.
–Senator Sheldon Whitehouse believes that when Democrats retake the House and
Senate, he’s confident they will investigate not only Ford’s claims, but why the
FBI stood down its background investigation when Ford dropped her bombshell.
–President Trump communicated his reasons for the latest tariffs, citing China is
engaged in numerous unfair policies and practices related to U.S. technology and
intellectual property, such as forcing U.S. companies to transfer technology to
Chinese counterparts.
–The U.S. has slapped sanctions on Chinese military unit for buying Russian jets
and missiles.
–Venezuela’s dictator told the nation in a televised press conference that funds
he has secured from the communist party of China during a visit to Beijing last
week were not economic aid, but Venezuela will pay for that money with at least
one million barrels of oil.
–Chinese citizens in major population hubs spent the weekend observing nationwide
National Defense Education Day.
–James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a video Tuesday of a member of the
anti-Trump, ‘deep state’, a career civil servant who said on camera that he’s
there to work not for American taxpayers, but for the Democratic Socialists of
America. His task? To resist everything at every level.
–North Korea has agreed to allow outside inspectors to visit its missile test
site and would be open to decommissioning its nuclear enrichment facility.
–Kim Jong-un has credited his June meeting with President Trump for stabilizing
–Hamas has created the Night-time Deployment Unit designed to strike against
Israeli Defense Force soldiers deployed on the border.
–A Russian reconnaissance plane was brought down by a Syrian missile over the
Mediterranean killing all 15 people on board.
–Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said the service needs to grow by 74
additional squadrons.
–A major invitation has been presented by Poland to the U.S. that includes an
investment by Poland of 2 billion dollars for a U.S. military base in their

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