News Round-up & Comment

Date:   August 9, 2019   
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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Here’s your sample of what Jim presented on Crosstalk’s weekly News Round-Up and Comment program:

–President Trump and First Lady Melania visited Dayton and El Paso to meet the victims of the two mass shootings, to thank first responders for their efforts and to visit hospitals.

–An off-duty firefighter who had a firearm with him stopped a potential attack   at a Walmart in Missouri.

–Multiple flyers noting death camps for Trump supporters hung on street posts and parking meters in Patchogue, N.Y.

–Universal Pictures set to release the movie, ‘The Hunt.’  The movie depicts left-wing elites hunting Trump supporters for sport.

–Protesters gathered outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s home wishing him harm.

–Twitter suspended Senator Mitch McConnell’s campaign account for posting video of protesters making violent threats against him.  Jim later reported that the account has now been unlocked.

–Ohio Representative Tim Ryan says he plans to lead a caravan of gun control enthusiasts to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in order to publicly pressure him to help enact strict gun control measures.

–Texas Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro has targeted Trump donors by ‘tweeting’ the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated the maximum federal amount to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

–A man whose name appeared on the list Castro shared told Fox News in a phone interview that he had also donated money to Castro’s congressional campaign.  In other words, Castro ‘outed’ one of his own donors in trying to shame Trump supporters.   

–A San Antonio man was wrongly ‘outed’ on Twitter as a donor to President Trump by Castro and said that the incident forced him to review emergency plans with his wife and 3 children.

–Senator Rand Paul revealed that he recently underwent surgery to remove a portion of his lung that was injured after a neighbor assaulted him at his home 2 years ago.

–U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman has resigned.

–President Trump said that the National Counter-terrorism Center Director Joseph Maguire would become acting director of national intelligence. 

–The Trump administration froze all Venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of tensions with Nicolas Maduro, that places his socialist administration alongside a short list of U.S. adversaries.

–Is Vladimir Putin covering up a nuclear disaster?

–The Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s massive sarcophagus, which protects its radioactive nuclear reactor, is being dismantled because it could collapse.

–American and Canadian fighter jets intercepted a pair of Russian bombers in international airspace off the coast of Alaska yesterday.

–Iranian forces are actively using GPS jammers and pretending to be U.S. or allied warships to trick commercial vessels into traveling through Iranian waters and seizing them according to government officials. 

–Federal officials are reportedly investigating the former Chief of Staff for Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to determine if he violated campaign finance law.

–The White House confirmed the launch of a global U.S. campaign to promote acceptance of homosexual acts last week after several months of confusion and misinformation surrounding the administration’s position on LGBT issues.

–Judge Mary Rowland, the latest of President Trump’s judicial nominees, was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

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