Communist Goals Coming to Pass

Date:  August 13, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  William Federer
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William Federer is a historian, speaker, author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc, a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage.  He has authored numerous books including, ‘America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations,’ ‘The Original 13: History of Religion in America’s First Thirteen States,’ ‘Who is the King in America?,’ ‘Miracles in American History’ and more.  He’s the speaker on ‘The American Minute’ daily broadcast.

A man named Roger Baldwin was a WWI draft dodger.  He went to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and eventually decided to become an attorney.  Communists were infiltrating America and while the government passed laws to stop them, Baldwin decided that he was going to defend them.  In fact, in 1935 he wrote that communism was the goal.  

So then, what is socialism?  Bill explained that it’s a transition phase between capitalism and communism.  It’s the gradual, evolutionary process where the government takes freedoms away via the element of ‘crisis.’  Bill cited the example of Marx who talked about sending in agitators with the goal of creating social unrest. That way the people would feel insecure and they’d be willing to surrender their freedoms to a government leader.

Bill compared this situation to what our founders wanted.  They flipped the idea of ‘kingship’ and made the people the king.  Our founders looked to ancient Israel as the model for good government.  From this model they took the idea of ‘covenant’ where people are in agreement with each other and where rights come from God and people are accountable to God.

In the next century, ‘covenant’ turned into ‘social contract’ (people in agreement with each other with or without God) and the next century turned into the French Revolution (Marxism and communism where people are in agreement with each other intentionally without God which makes the state ‘God.’)  The result is that what the state gives, it can also take away since you have no rights beyond what the state gives you.

Socialism reverts back to totalitarianism (rule via political elites–‘deep state’ or the ‘communist party’).  Under this system Bill noted that, ‘…there’s always one mobster that finds his way to the top and he acts as the new tyrant or king.’  In other words, socialism is basically dictatorship.

As Bill also noted, ‘Socialists in communist countries have to get rid of God because as long as there’s a God, you have rights from this God.’  So what could be considered one of the first major victories scored by socialists in America? Discover the answer and decide for yourself where America currently stands on the socialist/communist timeline when you review this edition of Crosstalk.            

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