As It Goes in California…

Date:  September 3, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Randy Thomasson  
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Randy Thomasson is the founder and president of, Campaign for Children and Families.  They advocate for parental rights, safeguarding religious freedom and teaching and activating pro-family citizens to stand for what’s right

After starting off the broadcast encouraging listeners to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Dorian and the tragic shooting in the Odessa, Texas, area, Jim opened the floodgates with news concerning legislation incubating now in California that if passed, could show up in other states as well. 

Randy cited godless government schools, terrible entertainment media and unions as factors that have turned the state from ‘red’ to ‘blue.’  He believes the people there don’t engage in critical thinking. They just go with the authority who says vote Democrat and that authority is the unions.

He described how he’s tired of hearing the same promises made during each election about education, clean water, safer communities and more jobs.  Instead what happens is the Democrats in the state capital tend to vote for whatever hurts jobs and the people. One of the results is that even some liberals are moving out of California because they can’t stand the high prices that have been established under Democrat rule.

This is the foundation for what he described as the ‘bad bills that shock you and me.’  Here’s a sample of what was discussed:

–Assembly Bill 5—This bill seeks to designate independent contractors as employers which Randy believes would allow Democrats to collect more tax dollars.

–Assembly Bill 624—This legislation seeks to place an abortion referral (phone) number on student (7th through 12th grade) I.D. Cards.

–Senate Bill 24—This bill would force universities to offer abortion pills.

–Senate Bill 276—This bill is aimed at parental rights related to vaccine exemptions for children.

–Assembly Bill 175—This bill would force foster parents to call a biological boy a girl’s name and vice versa.

Become informed about the details surrounding these and other pieces of California legislation, while also hearing input from listeners, when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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