World Assembly of Religions for Peace

Date:  September 5, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Alex Newman  
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Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant.  His articles frequently appear in the New American. He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

According to the Bible, one day there will be a worldwide religion and along with that, an individual known as the anti-Christ.  What may not be so well known by many is the fact that there are efforts currently going on to actually bring together all the religions of the world.  Over the years we’ve seen this take place on a smaller scale through efforts such as interfaith dialogue between Christians and those of the Islamic faith, as well as religious communities coming together under the guise of ‘social justice.’

Religions for Peace International claims to be the largest and the most representative coalition of religious and indigenous communities operating in over 90 nations.  It’s comprised of Catholic and Orthodox officials, evangelical officials from Europe and the U.S., as well as leaders from the Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu and Pagan camps.   

Interestingly, the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace recently convened August 20th through the 23rd in Germany.  This conclave, which dates back many years, was attended by about 900 global religious leaders and delegates.  In short, what they want, according to Alex, is the U.N.’s vision for humanity to be imposed on all of us. 

Alex gave listeners a hint as to what under-girds this effort as he spoke about the outgoing secretary general of the organization who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The new lady who’s taking that seat, Dr. Azza Karam, has done work with the U.N. Population Fund, an organization that takes basically the exact opposite position on population as the Bible does.  Alex noted that they feel people are bad for the planet so we need to reduce the population of humans by any means necessary.   

At this 10th assembly, the organization developed a ‘Peace Charter for Forgiveness and Reconciliation.’  While Christians and others would applaud some of the points in this charter, Alex sees the organization as weaponizing them to advance globalism, socialism and totalitarianism.  So if you read the documents that came out of this gathering, you come to the conclusion that what they’re saying is that if you don’t also agree with the rest of their policy ideas, you somehow don’t like peace or forgiveness. 

What else is behind this effort that people should be aware of?  Is this biblical prophecy happening right before our eyes? Become informed and hear what listeners had to say during this interesting Crosstalk broadcast. 

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