Our Nation’s Christian Heritage

Date:  September 10, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Dr. Catherine Millard  
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Dr. Catherine Millard is the president of Christian Heritage Ministries.  She’s the author of 15 historical books such as ‘The Rewriting of America’s History,’ ‘The Christian Heritage of the 50 United States of America,’ ‘The Dismantling of America’s History,’ ‘The Truth about the Founding Fathers of the American Republic’ and others.  She’s the producer of multiple documentaries on the original Christian heritage and history of America and has taught extensively on the subject in colleges, universities and schools throughout the nation. She is the recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge for Excellence in patriotic and individual achievement, and the Faith and Freedom Religious Heritage of America Award for significant contributions in affirming and strengthening the biblical principles in American life.

In our day there are those who downplay or perhaps even deny America’s Christian heritage.  Why is there such an attack on this heritage? According to Dr. Millard, it’s due to the Marxist/liberal/leftist/atheist movement which she described as strong and powerful.  As such, it’s been successful over a span of 70 years or more.  

The effort began in the 1930’s when the public school curriculum was rewritten and God, Christ and the Bible were removed.  We lost a generation of young people from 5-17. Then in the 1950’s some Christians began to wake up because they knew there was something drastically wrong with the public schools.  They weren’t sure what the problem was because we’d already lost an entire generation. Christian schools began to pop up but even their curriculum was infiltrated so that in the 1970’s, home schools began.

Dr. Millard is seeing a reversal as people are realizing that they’ve been deceived.  One outgrowth of that reversal is a law that the new governor of South Dakota signed that mandates that the motto, ‘In God We Trust’ appear in every public school in the state.     

As this program progresses you’ll learn how Christian Heritage Week came to be, what references to God exist in the state constitutions, how our Christian heritage is expressed through the three branches of the federal government and our currency, Dr. Benjamin Rush and his feelings concerning the Bible, and much more.

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