Unmasking the Truth About Witches

Date:  October 30, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Dr. David Brown
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Recently, thousands of witches planned to simultaneously conduct a massive spell to bind President Trump and all who support him.  Newsweek reported last fall, that witchcraft and other pagan religious practices had increased in the U.S. over the past few decades and that millennials are turning to astrology and tarot cards as they turn away from Christianity and other religions.  They report that the number of witches and Americans practicing Wicca religious rituals increased dramatically since the 1990’s with several studies indicating there may be at least 1.5 million witches across the country – some say these numbers are even higher.  CROSSTALK unmasks the truth about witches today as we welcome back, Dr. David Brown. In addition to his pastoral work, one of the books he has authored “The Dark Side of Halloween” or his research paper “Unmasking the Truth About Witches” will help us to better understand that which we are told should be of no real concern. 

Are there good witches? Is there a difference between wicked or wiccan witches? Are witches devil worshipers? Do witches share common beliefs? What empowers them? Can witches really pronounce spells onto people (and succeed)?  What guidance can we find in Scripture? All of these questions and much more (along with listener phone calls) are answered in this thought provoking CROSSTALK.

Dr. David Brown, is the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. He has a Masters in Theology and PhD in History – specializing in the history of the English Bible.  In addition to his study of the English Bible, he is also President of Logos Communication Consortium which operates LogosResourcePages.org. “The Dark Side of Halloween” is available for $12 – request it by writing:

David Brown

P.O. Box 173

Oak Creek, WI  5315

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