News Round-Up & Comment

Date:  November 01, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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This News Round Up brings us to the end of a work week but, also, the beginning of a brand new month. As expected, the stories Jim highlights bring much awareness and concern for our nation & the Church. Some of this week’s headlines are as follows …

*Impeachment Inquiry approved in the US House of Representatives. President Trump responds

*Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La, blasts Democrats for impeachment resolution calling it “Soviet style rules”

*The military operation that killed ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, named after Kayla Mueller

* ISIS leader Baghdadi’s replacement “also dead.”

* Senator (and Presidential hopeful) Bernie Sanders (D-Vt) vowing to change US “value system”

*Homosexual Male as “Fairy godmother” in live action Cinderella movie

*Pro LGBT high school teacher arrested in New Jersey

*School District in Texas approves sex education curriculum for children regarding sodomy, condoms

*Supreme Court in Kentucky sides with Christian T-shirt maker

*Majority of Americans wanting 1st amendment, rewritten?

*1 in 3 Millennials see Communism as favorable

*Federal judge blocks near total abortion ban in Alabama

*Missouri: abortion free?

*these with analysis (and much more) on this Friday, News Round Up

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