This Generation

Date:  December 03, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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Jim began by noting how it’s very disheartening to see the choices being made and the direction that many in this generation are headed toward as they turn their backs on God.

This progression is put forth in the Bible.  For example, Jim referenced Romans 1 beginning at verse 21.    Here we see that there are those who know that the pathway they’re on leads to destruction because it’s deserving of God’s judgment, yet they don’t care.  They wish to have pleasure in whatever way they choose to go. Is that not characteristic of some people today?

Then there’s 2 Timothy 3 where we also see the wickedness of people in the last days foretold.

Today many young people believe humanity came from a primordial soup or ‘bang.’  Capitalism is despised while socialism/communism is exalted. Some students don’t believe we should be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Many have dropped out of church involvement after having been active as a child or teen. This seems to echo not only what was communicated in the previous verses, but what we see in Judges chapter 2 where it speaks of a generation that arose that knew not the Lord nor the works He had done for Israel.     

In light of all this, Jim gave listeners an opportunity to call in and finish the following question: My greatest concern for this generation is…?

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