Date:  December 18, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Christian Gomez  
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Joining Jim with the latest on this issue was Christian Gomez.  Christian is research project manager for the John Birch Society and a contributor for The New American Magazine for which he also hosts a weekly segment called ‘Top Headline.’

Christian called the USMCA a progressive, regional government scheme.  The top Canadian negotiator, Chrystia Freeland, who’s been recently promoted to the Deputy Prime Minister, has described the USMCA on record in similar terms.  Christian said she gave it this description because it has strong globalist enforcement provisions for the environment, protection for gender identity, collective bargaining and other things that progressives and socialists alike would like to see in a trade agreement. 

Regional jurisdictions are part of this agreement.  If there would be a dispute between the U.S. and Mexico, instead of this being settled in either a U.S. or Mexican court, it would go before a bi-national panel created under the authority of the USMCA agreement.  One judge would be appointed by the U.S. government, one appointed by the Mexican government and a third independent judge appointed from another nation that both the U.S. and Mexico agree to. 

Under this latest renegotiation of NAFTA, what else can we expect?  For example:  

–What happens if USMCA conflicts with federal or state laws?  

–Is this merely a ‘mask’ that attempts to use trade to get an all-powerful, North American style European Union put in place?  

–How does the U.N. Law of the Sea treaty play into this?  

–What is the North American Development Bank?

–How will this affect labor rights and collective bargaining?  

This important broadcast addresses these and other related concerns and callers lend their input as well.     

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