Christian Citizenship

Date:  July 13, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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In our day it’s all too easy for Christians to get caught up in the opinions of secular media pundits who espouse their views concerning citizenship and government.  Since this topic can create so much emotion and confusion, some Christians shy away from political involvement or even refuse to vote.   

What does the Bible say about Christian citizenship?  What are our responsibilities, duties, and rights?  What are Christians to do, how are we to think and how are we instructed to behave in such a time as this?    

Recently Jim heard a message from the late Dr. Adrian Rogers who preached on this particular topic.  He asked permission to air this message on Crosstalk because he wanted you to hear the challenge Dr. Rogers presented from Romans chapter 13.

Calling Romans ‘…the constitution of Christianity,’ Dr. Rogers settles the issue with a clear explanation of Paul’s teaching that is just as pertinent and applicable for today as it was when it was written.

Dr. Rogers mentions numerous elements within the topic of Christian citizenship such as how to view the police, capital punishment, separation of church and state and much more. 

More InformationIf you would like the message ‘Christian Citizenship’ by Adrian Rogers, you may go online to and put in the search box, ‘Christian Citizenship.’ You’ll find various messages and articles on the topic. You may also call Love Worth Finding at 1-800-274-5683.

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