2nd Amendment Issues

Date:  August 10, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Mark Walters
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Mark Walters is a national board member of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the broadcast media spokesman for the Second Amendment Foundation.  He’s the recipient of the 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award, a columnist and author of three books, ‘Lessons from Armed America’ ‘Lessons from Unarmed America’ and ‘Grilling While Armed.’

Last Thursday, the Attorney General of New York sued the National Rifle Association, seeking to put them out of business.  Allegations have been made that high ranking executives have diverted millions of dollars for things like personal trips, no-show contracts for associates and other questionable expenditures.  Mark believes this is both politically motivated and about other concerns as well.  Mark is critical of current management within the NRA and he spells out why in this broadcast.  

While that’s been going on, there’s the situation concerning the Attorney General of Washington, D.C. who’s pursuing a civil case against the NRA Foundation.  Is there a connection between this case and the one in New York?  

Mark communicated that when you begin to see things line up, you can legitimately question whether or not these are coincidences.  He described Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York as, ‘…one of the most fervent anti-gunners in a position of attorney general in the history of this country.’  In addition, she’s Soros funded.  So Mark says the timing of these cases isn’t suspect. 

Also, the New York State Supreme Court granted a motion that orders the New York Police Department to turn over the names, zip codes and license categories of anyone granted a firearm license in 2018.  Mark noted that this is an example of how elections have consequences.  So if you live in a blue state that is rabidly anti-gun and under someone like New York’s Cuomo with an attorney general like Letitia James, you’ll discover that they support these types of invasions of privacy and infringements upon your constitutional and civil rights.

Where might we be going on this issue in the presidential sense?  Democrats talk about common sense gun safety legislation which Mark believes is a cover for gun control.  He said all you need to do is go to Joe Biden’s website where he has a multi-step process that lays things out.

What would the 2nd Amendment and gun legislation look like under a second Trump term or a Biden presidency?  Get the facts and take a peek into the future with Jim and Mark on this important edition of Crosstalk.

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