Pastors on the Front Lines: Pastor Appreciation Month

Date:  October 15, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Sam Rohrer
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We often think in society of those who are on the front lines.  When in times of national defense, we think of our military personnel as being on the front lines. When in terms of disasters we think of police and firefighters, and of course healthcare workers being on the front lines.  But when it comes to spiritual matters and the spiritual health of our nation, those who are on the front lines are our pastors.  October has been designated as Pastor Appreciation Month and this Crosstalk issued a charge both to pastors as well as to lay individuals in the congregation. 

Bringing proper perspective to this issue was Sam Rohrer.  Sam is president of American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network.  He’s also known for his work as a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  He is also active in both radio and television producing Stand in the Gap.

Is it an exaggeration to say that pastors are on the front lines?  Sam communicated that we are in this world engaged against spiritual wickedness in high places and that behind everything we see, there’s the grand battle of Satan opposing the will of God or as some might say, good vs. evil.

He tightened the focus a bit when he indicated that the flesh, the world and the Devil are competing against us in our personal lives and this is really the battle.  At the root the battle is spiritual and in the end it’s about who claims the souls of men.

Sam went on to note that these are days of confusion, great deception and lawlessness.  So this is a time for strong leadership; that of a Moses, Joshua or Daniel; men who know who God is and the nature of the fight we’re involved in.  It’s a time when such leaders should communicate that this is the time to bring forth God’s design for mankind for only out of that can clarity come out of confusion and freedom from bondage.  In other words, it’s the perfect time for the pulpit to be more vibrant than it ever has.

Sam then described his ‘Restore the Law’ initiative.  This initiative, which he described as a model for the nation, addresses the unlawful actions that are coming out of the executive branch in Pennsylvania, supported by the judiciary.  These are actions that take away freedoms such as limiting the way people can worship, who can and can’t work, how many people can sit down to eat at a restaurant, etc.

The remainder of the broadcast dealt with Sam’s 5 challenges for pastors as well as how a congregation can show appreciation for their pastor.  What all this entails can be heard, along with calls from listeners, when you lend an ear to this edition of Crosstalk.  

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