News Roundup & Comment

Date:  October 22, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider   
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Here is a sample of the news articles that made the cut this week:

  • Judge Barrett approved by Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Biden tries to legitimize his court packing scheme
  • Former business partner of Hunter Biden says Joe Biden was in on family deal to make millions from China
  • Iran interfered in U.S. election to damage Trump
  • Letters threaten to burn down homes of Trump supporters
  • Elections chairman who removed and defaced Trump signs resigns
  • Study finds 97% of Late Night show jokes are about Trump, only 3% about Biden
  • Biden says Muslims will serve at every level of his administration
  • Insane anti-Trump protestor eats bloody symbolic heart of President Trump in the street
  • Thousands of witches plot to bind Trump for last debate and election day
  • California ballot box set ablaze, torching ballots inside
  • President Trump signs declaration opposing abortion
  • Joe Biden will sign executive order on Day 1 making Americans fund Planned Parenthood
  • 8 North Minneapolis residents sue city for lack of Police protection
  • NYPD sees nearly 90% rise in retirements
  • 45% of Florida Covid deaths misclassified
  • Mastercard’s ‘true name’ feature allows transgenders to use their chosen name on debit/credit cards

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